“Love in a Cold Climate”

I’m feeling a bit giddy with excitement.Being snowed in is something that actually makes me feel safe and energized. Despite being a very sociable person the isolation and solitude make me feel so contented; introspective yes, the smell of snow reminds me of how sad I felt last winter, but thats ok.I’ve never seen snow like this in the ten years I’ve lived on Witchmountain…so still and silent, with icicles framing the window ( look at the lace patterns in the snow!) and great caps of white on every fence post and branch. The heating boiler has broken but the stove is keeping the kitchen toasty.

Yesterday Lindsey and I managed to get to Middlesbrough for the Designer’s Marketplace, THANKS to David and his 4×4. There was some beautiful stuff for sale including Helen Steven‘s new ceramics and Claire Baker’s textiles and accessories.I sold a small painting with huge emotional significance but that’s probably a good thing. Unfortunately we all had to pack up early due to crazy snow, before I could do all my shopping.

So today I have been slowly listing things on Etsy and hoping that the virtual world will save me, since It looks like I won’t be going to work in the near future and therefore will not be getting paid…

I have created a special discount code for readers of Witchmountain which will give you a 20% discount in my Etsy shop. Its a nice idea the team at Etsy have recently come up with. Anyway the code is “WITCHMOUNTAIN1 ” prices are all in GB pounds now, I changed it only because it made book keeping easier for me. I hope it doesn’t deter US customers?

I’m thinking I ought to spend a little time with my sketchbook this afternoon as I only have a few weeks left before it needs to be posted back to the Brooklyn Art Library.Tempting to try and make some mince pies as delicious as the ones Lindsey’s mum made yesterday, hmmm, lots of Brandy I think!

Meanwhile I will leave you with this picture of a beautiful little girl called Martha with her new Witchmountain slippers, isn’t she gorgeous! ( Her mum kindly sent me more pictures later which I have used in my shop, THANK YOU! A supermodel at the age of 3months!)

(Reading: “Birdsong” Sebastian Faulks. Listening To: the silence where the hum of the heating boiler ought to be)


One response to ““Love in a Cold Climate”

  1. I love the little one in your shoes! The snow looks wonderful, enjoy! I am glad the market still had vendors and customers despite the weather.

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