Mostly White

Just now I took a walk outside , to feed the animals and see if I could get the heating boiler to work.Suddenly the marshmallow pink and vanilla sky turned back into a gray blizzard; so I’m going to have to run up and down the stairs a few times to get some exercise instead! Anyway, I did get the boiler working ( boiling water poured over the bits of the oil pipe I could see) and also fell flat on my face in waist deep snow because “somebody” had left a hosepipe lying around, back in the days when you could still see the ground.

I’m a little worried that I’m enjoying my enforced solitude too much. It may be hard to re- adjust when I have to return to reality. Miraculously the “not going to work= not getting paid” problem has been solved for the moment as I’ve just found out that my Witchmountain Bear picture has sold at the Zillah Bell Gallery in Thirsk. The picture, a detail of which is shown on the banner for this blog, is one of my favorites so I hope it’s gone to a good home.Its hard not to be sentimental about some of the things I’ve made ( like this) since they were not really made to sell( ha ha! its not as if that is usually a problem so I can’t complain!)

Right now I’m making things for Christmas presents…(lots of lumpy knitting to look forward to folks!!) since my Etsy shop is SO FULL and sales are slooooooow, well, stationary more like!Don’t forget you have a special Discount Code  and there are new things being listed every day. Don’t forget the Designer’s Marketplace at the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle this weekend , well worth braving the snow for and of course the Winter Exhibition in Thirsk.

As a little Thank You to those who subscribe to Witchmountain and support me with such kind comments, I’m going to be sending out a little treat between now and the new year, just e-mail me your postal address and keep on the lookout for the postman.

One response to “Mostly White

  1. Congrats on the gallery sale Kim, personally i think that is the way forward – am very aware on looking around and doing ‘fair’s’ etc myself how hard it is to sell stuff, even when it is gorgeous and underpriced!!
    Jayne x
    ps. also loving the snow and enforced removal from ‘normal life’, so you are not weird at all :- )

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