“All About Chemistry”

I meant to write this last week, I uploaded the pictures and then I suppose life got in the way.After two weeks of snowed-in-ness I came down to earth with a bump which included blocked drains, colds, broken hearts , engine warning lights and grim, icy mud. I’m quite proud that I seem to have accidentally invented a substance which sets harder than concrete, or any other substance known to man, by mixing various sink un-blockers ( it clearly states on the packets that this is highly dangerous so do not attempt to copy my experiments !).

More creative experiments resulted in the two drawings (above) which were my last fling with the Gocco Machine. I chose to use the Bear design( for a change you sigh) and while the process worked beautifully I wasn’t so pleased with the printed results. So, the jury is still out on Gocco, the single use nature of the supplies makes me too precious about how I use it, however I have had some useful advice and information from The Cloud Commission who seem to know what they are talking about.

Inspired by the weather, I also made myself these “Sami” mittens which have become a something of a joke in my house as they are a bit like oven gloves and only my very tiny hands fit in them.I like the embroidery though, just need to improve the shape!

So the festive season is upon us and I’m wondering if the weather will trap me again. I have stuck to my Handmade Pledge fairly well which is why I was dismayed at work last night to hear some of the locals COMPLAINING that they had received “homemade cards”!! I thought it was odd and a bit depressing to think that people assume that something handmade is a cheap option.Surely anything that someone has made shows so much more thought and care, love even?

Well, on that note I will throw another log on the fire and think about my next invention.Hmmmmm…… x

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One response to ““All About Chemistry”

  1. How could anyone complain about a homemade card! I love these mittens. Happy Holidays

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