Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String…

The thaw has begun and soon I will have to venture into the lowlands in search of work,groceries and a social life. It has been the strangest Christmas; everything was different and for the first time in my life I had to admit to being a grown up and provide Christmas dinner for my family ( because we couldn’t get out to join my parents and brother). It all went surprisingly well except we had no Brandy to set the pudding alight…experiments with Whiskey, Vodka, Rum and even Port proved that only Brandy burns with a pleasant blue flame( but it was fun trying).

This post is dedicated to the wonderful Etsy shops who have provided many of my presents, both given and received, this year. The two rings (above ) were a gift from my children and say “I am an artist…not a waitress”, lets hope I still have some form of income from either of these two careers after a month of snowed-in-ness! They are from this shop where I also bought Sara’s 18th birthday ring. The prize for most amazing packaging goes to Hidden Eloise , the parcel resembled a vintage book and the locket it contained was sealed in a tiny paper envelope like the sugar you get in cafes. Gorgeous.

So, the festive season was different but mostly good in a weird way and now I am busy making sure I get my Sketchbook finished before the deadline for posting it.These pages have been made using water soluble ink pencils , stitch and collage with some (photocopies) of old postcards my parents bought from Portabello market in the 60’s. They are postmarked 1904-1911 and have some beautiful writing on them…ah the joys of post.

Now I must partake of a small glass of Port and watch Poirot while knitting an as yet unidentified object.

4 responses to “Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String…

  1. Christmas dinner was lovely & glad you like the rings. love you x

  2. I can concur on the packaging – beautiful wasn’t it? I’m just surprised you could break into it to find out what was inside – it was an artwork in itself. Do you think she would take an order for an empty package so you never had to break the seal?

  3. I love the ring! I was a waitress for many years I would have loved to have worn a ring like this:)
    Happy News Years to you…I hope the snow has calmed down a bit.

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