“I’m Sorry I Forgot You”

It was only while browsing the amazing submissions on the Arthouse website that I realised there was a sketchbook title called “Bear With Me” , drat, I wish I’d got that one. However, “I’m Sorry I Forgot You” has  been a good, if inaccurate, starting point. I’ve enjoyed it, despite the rubbish paper quality and the panic I’m feeling at the moment ( just in case I can’t get it in the post by the 15th).I paid a little extra so that my sketchbook will be digitized, I’m also excited by  the fact that due to the barcode I will apparently be notified by e-mail every time someone checks the book out during the tour, I hope somebody does!

If only it was coming to England, I wonder if  I could save up enough to get to Seattle or San Francisco by June?!

So, meanwhile on Witchmountain the snow has melted leaving treacherous ice and acres of mud, I have the toothache (as I’m sure Poirot once said in a lovely Belgian accent!) and I’m having chimney trouble as well as monsters in the attic. At least if there is any justice in the world things ought to improve at some point, if not I plan to run away to a log cabin in the mountains where I will live on coffee,cigarettes and violet cremes and read Tolstoy whilst avoiding being eaten by bears.

What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?


5 responses to ““I’m Sorry I Forgot You”

  1. I just stumbled across your work as I search other people doing the same theme in the Sketchbook Project – I love your work! And I’ve often admired those rings on Etsy….
    It’s a great question you ask at the end of that post…

  2. Your Sketchbook is certainly awesome and you were very courageous to both begin it and now to finish it. Very exciting. I noticed it will be in Chicago in May…. just a 6 hr. drive from here…. hmmmm?
    Winter where you live sounds ghastly. I guess we are better prepared to deal with it here, since it can begin in October and last until April or so and somehow we manage very well.
    Good luck with the chimney, monsters, toothache, deadline! I will continue to ponder my “one wild and precious life.”

    • kimsarahtillyer

      Thanks Pat, I just looked at your blog and I’m so jealous of your ice skating lake! Winter here always seems to take us by surprise! x

  3. I just love your sketches !!

  4. kimsarahtillyer

    Thanks Sandy, I hope they will arrive safely in the US. I’d love to see what they all look like on the tour… if I was rich I’d pay you to go and check it out!

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