Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Well, on Friday I finally parted company with my Sketchbook Project and sent it on its way to the USA, where hopefully at least one or two people will  have a look as it tours the country.I feel as though I rushed the last few pages in order to  meet the posting deadline and then when I got back from the Post Office there was an e-mail saying that it had been extended! Oh well, never put off until tomorrow what you can do today, or however the saying goes.The worst thing is that my scanner has broken so I only have these few, over exposed photos taken on my phone. They are meant to be “digitizing” it though, so hopefully there will be good quality images on the Arthouse Co-Op website soon.I have just worked out how to search for other participants according to country, book title etc. so I will probably be getting sidetracked later as I spotch through everyone else’s offerings! So far I only know of one other person from CCAD who has taken part, Karen Syms, who told me about the project in the first place and is currently studying for her MA. Anyone else out there ?

Anyway, while I should have been doing something else at work today, I read my stars in the Sunday paper. Despite being a loads of codswallop I took comfort in the prediction that since the sun was entering my domestic zone in conjunction with my work zone ( or some such guff) I would soon be successfully working from home ( or perhaps just spending more time at home due to being sacked for reading the paper when meant to be serving beer!?…). I hope this comes true and if it does I may even consider switching to the Torygraph out of gratitude ( no I won’t don’t worry).

Reading : “The Plot” Madeleine Bunting   Listening To: The fire crackling



5 responses to “Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

  1. Pretty sketchbook Kim. My sweet sweet friend Julia Crossland and the lovely illustrator Joanna Cheung have taken part. Louise x

  2. Love your work! Great “free love” quote ~*~

  3. kimsarahtillyer

    Its a good quote isn’t it Lisa ( some say anonymous others John Gay ) I first saw it on a ceramic vase made by an ex-boyfriends mother! John Gay is also credited as saying “There is no dependence that can be sure but a dependence upon one’s self. ” x

  4. Yes I must have a fondness for bears too! I think that you two do them real justice in your work.

    Thanks yeah I just heard from Julia that she didn’t get chance to do the Sketchbook Project in the end! x

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