Golden Days

This isn’t my usual post from Witchmountain; I may yet press the “privacy” button but for now I just wanted to write something. Something about the golden days of childhood when the cow parsley was taller than their heads and their  scuffed knees and little feet never took them too far from our sides.

I found out this week that the son of an old friend was killed in a car accident just after Christmas. Sebastian was 16 . His family moved to New Zealand several years ago and we lost touch. We shared the trials and tribulations of  early parenthood together, looking back it seems like endless trips to the park, picnics and play-doh sessions,. Nothing  prepares you for being the parent of a teenager or young adult, not even hindsight.

So, this post is a long distance hug to Michele and Christian and their family and  to all parents everywhere. I’m sorry if you were expecting pictures of bears.


4 responses to “Golden Days

  1. that’s really terible Kim I was only thinking about them the other day as i walked passed their old house and wondered what they were up to. Felix was in Joe’s reception class before they moved. X

  2. kimsarahtillyer

    I know,its so sad, Amy sent me a message on Monday. I hope in some way it helps to know that we are thinking of them, I don’t know how it could but ….

  3. my heart goes out to your friends.

  4. Death has a sting that drives deep, especially when it is a child. My heart pours out to you . Mere words cannot convey the overwhelming feelings ~ we lost my husbands brother a couple of months back… he was just a month older than me. It is comforting to know God will soon “swallow up death forever” Isaiah 25:8… ~*~

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