This weekend  I have managed to get out into the winter sunshine to climb a few hills and blow away the cobwebs. Armed with a flask of hot Ribena and some buttered malt loaf. I waited for the endorphins to kick in and make me massively energetic and creative but just ended up inspired to eat like a horse and sit by the fire drinking tea!It was beautiful up at the Wainstones though; crispy frosted ground and everything in shades of sepia and green, while Ingleborough has left me with very wobbly legs and absolutely NO desire to do the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge!Meanwhile I have this bear hanging in my kitchen , I’m sure you’ve seen it before ; digitally printed,sandwashed silk with devoré velvet and beading. I love the fact that these fabrics are so soft and tactile,it would be lovely to be able to make an amazing dress out of them.Its time to make a new project…

I’ve been looking around for some inspiration and finding some wonderful things. Yesterday my copy of “Illustration Play2” arrived and I was instantly blown away by the work of Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevicienes, a Lithuanian artist who uses cross stitch in an amazing and original way…I don’t want to give too much away, just to say I’d love to do that to my car!!  Have a look at her website .

Now I have to admit this has been a bit of a rush because I’m so sleepy after the big walk and can hardly keep my eyes open! I will draw this week and find something new to show you soon. x


3 responses to “Fellwandering

  1. the softness shows thru the photo. I want to touch it! I love the bears! Good for you getting out there for a hike. Winter here in CT has been brutal and I do what I can to stay indoors. Look forward to seeing what you come up with next!!

  2. It has been a tough winter but I bet we get it easy here really! This weekend is really the first without ice for a few months though. Keep cozy ( the truth is I mostly only go up big hills when bullied in to it!) x

  3. what a beautiful place to go walking! I love the bear hanging it looks so lush. I look forward to what you create next too!

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