Flowers and Formica

I’m sitting here staring into space, nursing a mug of strong coffee and demolishing a pile of homemade peanut butter biscuits. (Really Kim its time you did some drawing instead of re-hashing old stuff and wasting time on Facebook). Yesterday I had a little play at making a repeat with the intention of getting some fabric digitally printed at Fabpad. Doing it by eye however doesn’t quite work and I’d have to tidy it up a bit to make sure it all matched up and repeated properly. I’m also supposed to be drawing Lapwings and sourcing non slip fabric for slipper soles…

Here are a couple of mug shots from my day out in Ingleton last weekend. The cafe’s were very “old school” with pint mugs of tea and big bowls of chips, red formica tables and quite literally old school chairs! The whole place thrives on the people who come to do caving,climbing and big walks so it has the air of a slightly run down base camp or scout hut ( possibly this depends on who you go with as I did spot some pretty shops and cafes out the corner of my eye,before being bundled in the car for the forced march up Ingleborough!!)

So there I am, on the wind swept summit.The view on the way down was amazing, right over to the Lakes and Morecombe Bay with the sun setting  slowly and reddly and the distant hills appearing to be islands in a sea of mist.

This weekend I’m going to try and get to this event in Durham.

The Empty Shop Open includes work by The Cloud Commission and Caroline Divine as well as many others so I reckon an evening of art, inspiration and culture could be just what I need to say good riddance to the most grim and gloomy January I think I’ve ever had! Roll on spring.


2 responses to “Flowers and Formica

  1. Hi Kim
    I am at Durham this Saturday at the Students union with Judy’s Affordable vintage market if you have time come and see me. Its 11am till 4 or5.

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