“She wants to be flowers, but you make her owls…”

Little House under a Big Sky. I was in a bad mood the other day and actually had to go for a RUN across the fields and up the hill ,where I paused, gasping, to take this picture of my little house .It was looking a bit bleak and overshadowed by the electricity pole and a tortured Holly tree.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, my paper owl had built a nest in a box of wool and was waiting for me to print out a friend to keep him company in there. 3EyedBear are really very clever and generous, some of their free pdf files are blank so you can make your own designs.Thank you 3EyedBear.

I’ve been busily embroidering and beading the lapwing piece and dreaming of a thousand other things I want to make and do. The awful truth is though, unless I start to bring home some metaphorical bacon, I’m going to have to look for a full time job fairly soon… unless I can make my gallery/cafe/bookshop/studio dream come true. I can see it now… walls lined with books and beautiful artworks, wood-burning stove, saggy comfy chairs and a shining coffee machine. Books would have library tickets so that people could borrow them and I would provide wonderful packed lunches with homemade bread and flasks of coffee. The mugs would be these owls by Helen Stevens at Surface//Philia and  probably the roof beams would house a whole flock of paper birds.

Well, enough daydreaming. I must warm up my paws with more coffee and get some work done.

I hope you are living your dreams. x


4 responses to ““She wants to be flowers, but you make her owls…”

  1. The girls made these owls at the weekend after I spotted your link to 3EyedBear, thank you for that ! Also your dream sounds a bit like Barter Books, only better – I want to come please : – ) x

  2. Keep on dreaming, it will come.
    Funny you used that post title, I was bemoaning the loss of my copy of ‘The Owl Service’ only this week.

    • kimsarahtillyer

      Its a great book isn’t it. I loved the TV series too, and it was on the radio a while back.Hope you get a new copy soon x

  3. Accidentally stumbled upon this in searching for the Owl Service quote… what a beautiful post! I hope some day you get to create that dream: it sounds like a wonderful place.

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