“Simple Gifts”

The sun is out, the sky is blue and the first snowdrops have struggled to the surface of the frozen ground, thank goodness for the first signs of spring.This morning I’ve had to sit with the window open because the stove pipe is blocked and fills the room with thick smoke, I feel like a kipper. Goodness everything’s been so stressful lately, you’d think at least being able to keep warm wouldn’t be too much to ask? Anyway, I bought myself this bunch of flowers yesterday as a tiny treat and intend to spend today reading Moomin books and drinking coffee like mad. Little pleasures,simple gifts.

I finished the Lapwing commission for the Golden Lion and I’m actually really pleased with the way it turned out. The photo doesn’t do it justice because the colours are a lot richer and the printed parts worked really well with the tapestry wool embroidery.I’m going to take it to be framed soon and then hope that I get paid and given further instructions ( a blackbird has been mentioned…).

I was recently invited to join a “British Sellers on Etsy” team which has now got a Facebook page and a blog. Its a good idea to try to promote and introduce sellers from this country, especially as we have been caught out a couple of times by being charged massive import duties when buying gifts this Christmas from America. Well, so far I must say the best thing about the group has been “meeting” Alexis Southam who writes a blog about how she is making a  new piece of wearable art everyday this year. I really like her hand drawn plastic fragments, mounted on silver, and her dedication to the task of both daily blogging and creating.

To be honest I’m thinking if things don’t pick up soon I might give up on Etsy and give Folksy a try. I’m also planning on sending some free samples to magazines as recommended in “The Handmade Marketplace” by Kari Chapin.

I am about to list a couple of button badge sets which I thought might be good Valentine cards if you are feeling loved up, or just something nice to cheer yourself up if you’re not!  Now, back to Moominland x


8 responses to ““Simple Gifts”

  1. I hope the Hemulen doesn’t disturb your winter’s day indoors too soon, though a day’s skiing in the Lonely Mountains might do you some good.

    The Lapwing looks great – I need to find some willing beneficiary to be able to commission you to do another magpie one I think.

    Don’t smoke too much. x

    • The Hemulen knows better than to disturb me when I’m so grumpy! ( though the MASSIVE motorbike that now lives in the shed is disturbing me by its very existence, give me ski’s any day!) x

  2. Hey Kim,
    I am excited you are trying different avenues… I hadnt heard of Folksy- will check it out and YES, send in your work. I totally see your work featured in a magazine. It’s so beautiful and unique. Keep us posted!
    Blue skies and sunshine sounds like the way to start the day. Have a great one!
    Oh, and the badge sets are fun! Will I find them over at Etsy? Gonna go check.

  3. Aww shucks Kim, thanks so much for your lovely comments.

    Your Lapwing commission is wonderful, I love the use of text on the bird shapes.
    I’ve just started a folksy shop myself in the hope it might get better results than etsy has for me, here’s hoping…

  4. Good luck! I hope you’re super successful. xo

    • kimsarahtillyer

      Thanks Kari, your book is very inspiring and useful!
      Let me know how the Folksy thing works out for you Alexis, good Luck :0) x

  5. yes kim i agree with you sending your work out there i don’t know if you get this magazine http://www.stampington.com/somersetstudio/there but i could see your items in any of their publications that they offer.
    I love your new piece.

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