Hello, I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day, or at least survived it unscathed if you weren’t in the mood- it can be torment for the “lonely and the rum”. I was given a cheese ; which was wonderful both as a comment on the nature of Valentines Day and because, well, I do love cheese!

I’m feeling a little guilty today because after reading and being inspired by A Journal of The Handmade Year, Alexis Southam’s wonderful  blog, I went out yesterday and bought some shrink plastic to have a go myself.In my defense I have to say that my work in no way resembles hers which is made using proper silver-smithing techniques,whereas I have utilized newly learnt climbing knot skills! I’m totally hooked (and it’s a good excuse to have the oven on since the stove is broken). My only worries are … it’s plastic ( with all the environmental concerns that brings), because it’s plastic does it look a bit tacky, and is my current obsession another example of my scatter-gun approach to creativity!?

So yes, its not very cozy here at the moment. Having spent the weekend with my arm up the stove pipe ( like something out of a veterinary documentary) while Rupert ascended the west ridge of Witchmountain in full climbing gear , we admitted (temporary) defeat. The stove is disconnected and sulking in the corner,while  the chimney sweeping brush is still sticking out of the chimney pot. A good job Sara bought me a Moomin hot-water bottle the other day.

Well, It will soon be time to go to work. I thought I’d share this picture with you since I was going on about the Owl Service a few weeks ago. This is the plate that was the inspiration behind the story, attributed to Christopher Dresser,the design can be traced off the plate and made into a 3D model of an owl…if you dare. Or perhaps it is just flowers- what do you see?

To celebrate over 100 followers on Facebook, my daughter’s birthday and the first green shoots of spring I am going to GIVEAWAY one of my new necklaces to one lucky reader selected at random. Just leave a comment on this post and I will pick the winner on Saturday the 19th. (If you “Like” British Sellers on Etsy or The Tiny Gallery on Facebook , and mention Witchmountain you can have two entries!!).

Finally, here is a link to some real ART which you can go and see until March 10th if you are in London  x

12 responses to “Fragile

  1. Your necklace looks great, like a balancing bird I have in the garden. Already ‘Like’ the Tiny Gallery and Brits on Etsy : – ) Been at college today, usual unproductive day, might blog tomoz xxx Jayne xxx

  2. ooooohhhhh beautiful!!! xxxx

  3. Another wonderful creation!
    I LOVE the bird necklace :o)
    Keep up the good work! xx

  4. Your necklace is charming, Kim! And I do see owls in the plate! As for the networking malarkey, I can only think of blogging as a personal journal and if someone wants to join in, all the better.

  5. It definitely looks better ‘in the flesh’. Nice pictures and backgrounds but they don’t portray the detail you get when you see it up close.

    Did you spend all night doing more of them?…

  6. Hey these are Beautiful images Kim, I love love love the necklace and the way it looks as if the bird is stealing nectar from the lily! I have envy for the beautiful book cover…………and I can see the Owls on the plate too 🙂 You take such great photos as well as create the most marvellous things………really, I’m in awe of you.
    I have a home schooling friend who is also an artist and she has been looking at your site and was thrilled by the 3D Owl printout you posted 🙂
    So, big hugs and happiness all round, keep it up!

  7. Who would think “shrinky dinks” would come back! I do love watching them shrivel… so exciting. I love your little creation.

    Very cool.. Christopher Dresser plate! Love the owl. We’ve had an owl out here for a bit.. sadly I think he ate my wild little rabbit I have been feeding veggie shavings to.. fattened him right up for old Mr. Owl… circle of life.. I guess…

    Please include me in your give-away.. yeah!

  8. Hi, good to know our books are finally on display in Brooklyn… LOVE the necklace…. I am working full time this year and feel like there’s no time for creativity – but still get inspired by other artist’s work…

  9. I hope I am not too late! I just returned home this weekend. I love this new direction. I am also a fan of the shinky dinks (this is what it was called when I was young( shinking plastic for the oven) I am going to now go check this link about the owl.

  10. Lovely Kim. I’ve been fancying a go with shrink plastic myself for a while. Now I’m even more tempted. Not sure what I’d do with them, window decorations maybe. I sent the cut out owl on to Becky. She loved it. Hope you had a lovely weekend away from nasty stove.

  11. Awesome Giveaway! I just discovered your blog, and will definietly be adding it to my google reader.

  12. very nice me finks, go girl Mrs Creative 😉

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