“There is no wealth but life”

Here I am, back on Witchmountain after my little holiday in the Lake District. Shades of grey, sheets of mist and snow capped mountains just seen through the fog! Although the weather was terrible and we didn’t manage to reach a snowy summit with malt loaf and hot Ribena, I have come home filled with inspiration and memories.

This window at St Olaf’s Church at Wasdale Head commemorates members of Fell & Rock Climbing Club who died in the 1st World War. I loved the little engraving because even as a non believer I could appreciate the sentiment and the church certainly was a magical place- the smallest church in England, surrounded by yew trees and snowdrops and overlooked by wild mountains.

So, I won’t bore you too much with my holiday snaps, I should really be switching this thing off and drawing . Since visiting Ruskin’s house “Brantwood”, at Coniston , I have been itching to draw things! Despite being aware of Ruskin and even quoting him in my dissertation it’s only since walking around his garden and looking at the beautiful sketches of  ferns, rocks and trees that I have really felt an interest in his work and philosophy. Perhaps because I had spent some time in the same landscape, seeing not just the grandeur of mountains and lakes but the tiny details…mosses on a blue slate rock, water droplets hanging like jewels from a bare tree branch…

“It is written on the arched sky; it looks out from every star. It is the poetry of Nature; it is that which uplifts the spirit within us. “

I couldn’t find a better image of the “Tree Study” (above) ; if you can you should go and see the drawings for yourself while the exhibition is still on ( until March 6th). Meanwhile I will be dusting off my pencils and wishing I could get even half this atmospheric misty-ness down on paper.

Finally the moment you’ve all been waiting for, ha ha….drum roll, fanfare…. the winner of the Giveaway, chosen entirely at random ( by the name- from -a -hat method) is… Janet! A little bird will be flying towards you very soon. Thank you  to everybody else who left such lovely comments.

Oh, I almost forgot, there is an interview with me ( blushes) over on the British Sellers on Etsy blog, as well as links to some other lovely shops and things to read. x

3 responses to ““There is no wealth but life”

  1. Yay for janet! I love the misty water and trees photo very moody.

  2. Glad you had a nice time despite the weather, am currently ‘all – consumed’ by FMP, can’t wait to have days out and weekends away again!! Great ETSY article by the way, hope it generates some good sales – Jayne x

  3. Beautiful photos and a very interesting interview.

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