March Hares

Here we are in March and hibernation time is nearly over. I’ve been out in the garden getting carried away ,on hands and knees, searching for new shoots and trying to remember where I planted things last year. I found some miniature carrots and some half eaten leeks – I wonder if I can be more successful with my crops this year!?

On Saturday I went to Darlington to meet Karyn of the Tiny Gallery.It was lovely to meet her and put the world to rights over a big cup of coffee. We talked about the perils of being the mother of teenagers, the drive to be creative and the need for better career/business advice for graduates BEFORE they (we) graduate. Anyway, Karyn has worked hard to get this project off the ground  and I’m pleased that my work is now on display in Darlington Library along with that of Lindsay Thirwell and Rachel McClafertty.

I tempted Karyn into buying a pack of shrink plastic too and later got involved with a BNR ( Buy and Replace) on Etsy where everyone was asking where they could buy it! I really love the detail you get when the image shrinks, but I do wish it had a more natural finish. As for the BNR, I spent more than I made but it was fun and meant a few more people became aware of my shop, hopefully. The trouble seems to be that I’m promoting myself to people who are also desperately trying to promote themselves, rather than to a group of people looking to BUY a specific item.Its been nice “meeting” some new people though and here’s something I noticed ,shhh, don’t tell anyone but Hares seem to be all the rage…

Well I’m off to draw a hare now but have a look at these shops for some really lovely examples of the mad March hare …Alison Moore Designs and Rachel Elliot Glassworks.

2 responses to “March Hares

  1. Thanks for the mention 🙂 Really love your work. Keep the shrinkys coming!! x

  2. I can’t wait to see your hares but I must admit I think your polar bears are one of a kind and so original so please keep making them!

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