Blue and White

Lovely March…a roller coaster month raising spirits one moment and then dashing them from a great height the next. Yesterday the sun was shining and the first Curlew flew over the garden as I was defending my vegetable patch from next door’s chickens ( when I saw it I actually shouted “Hurray!”). It was a beautiful day – until I got a phonecall from the oil supplier telling me my payments would have to go up by 70% ! And this morning it was snowing, good grief.

So, I have issues with March, getting over excited about spring too soon often leads to disappointment . Still, this morning I got a little parcel in the post containing this lovely old enamel measuring jug which I bought from The HopeTree in the Etsy BNR event the other week, it’s perfect for snowdrops to snap me out of my grumpy mood.

I’m still busy with the shrink plastic , I bought some frosted stuff which takes the colour very well but which I seem to keep cooking at the wrong temperature so that it gets too brittle and won’t go flat. I’m hoping that a shop owned by another graduate from the Textiles and Surface Design Degree course will take some of my stock ;so I’ve been making bird necklaces all day, as well as a particularly mad looking hare…( did I mention the hare treasury I made on Etsy?)

Now, I think it’s probably time for a warm bath and some hot milk because I’ve been drinking coffee and eating chili chocolate ALL day so I won’t sleep till morning at this rate! I wish I could feel like this in the mornings…


6 responses to “Blue and White

  1. … love the little violet hare necklace… ~darling. You must be having fun.

    …. sleep well… try wine … but then you might be tempted to break out the chili chocolate again… well… a bath and hot milk are a sure bet!

  2. These are both looking beautiful and unique and I love colours in the bird one 🙂 x

  3. your images are lovely Kim, cheered me up on this grey, windy, wet morning! Off to Uni now, only a few weeks left of ‘that’ journey 🙂

  4. Kim, have a look at this blog, its full of ponies and lovely illustrations x

  5. Love the necklaces 🙂 The snowdrops are just finishing off up here, but the daffodils are ready to spring into action any time soon! The HopeTree’s beaker does look great with the snowdrops in x

  6. Beautiful! You should try a hobby heat gun to shrink the plastic, thats what I have used in the past. I also have something flat to place over the shrinked piece while its warm to make it stay flat. HTH

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