“…looking back is for the birds”

Today the wind is battering Witchmountain and I haven’t dared look outside in the garden yet. I just know all my newly planted pots of seeds will have blown away, along with the silly plastic greenhouse ( one of those mini ones the size of a doll’s house) and the remains of my stove flue pipe.Everything is pretty grey,from what I can see through the kitchen window , with violent splashes of yellow where the daffodils are doing their best to brighten things up a bit.

I “finished” (for now…) my little bird canvass and got some lovely feedback on Facebook. The picture features lyrics from a favorite Elbow song and my little friend the blue bird , who seems to get everywhere. As I worked I suddenly remembered another bluebird which had inspired me and so I took a virtual trip to Italy to take another look. The space where KT40 should have been was empty and after a little detective work and  some international communication I realised that there was a problem. I don’t know the details( nor should I) but I know that a lot of KT40’s online friends are sending her good wishes and I hope she returns soon. Kind comments on here have made me feel as though she is someone I know personally and care very much about. The thing I love about her work is the stories behind each piece and the way they are written.It was hard to find any images as everything has been removed but here is a link to a recent exhibition of her work at the Rivergarden Gallery.

Now you really must let me go. I have had my work accepted in two different exhibition spaces this week and the Tiny Gallery is up to something in Notting Hill . I also have a few orders for bird necklaces to finish so really no excuse to be lounging around …ah but I just need a coffee first!


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