“lift up your hearts and sing me a song…”

Another weekend grinds to a halt and stumbles into Monday, accompanied by the soothing tones of Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour on 6music. Its become a Sunday tradition here on Witchmountain and somehow feels like sitting around in pyjamas with a bunch of comfortable friends after a bit of a heavy night ( hmmm, not so far from the truth), listening to a random but beautiful selection from someones old vinyl collection. ( Right now its The La’s which reminds me of a whole different set of walls and a cassette labeled “Happy Music”!)). Listen.

So this weekend I have been working on this little blue bear canvass and working my last Sunday shift( and Mother’s Day)  at the Golden Lion. Time for a change and a shake up so I’m taking a massive risk and throwing my lot in with The Vine House at Helmsley Walled Garden

Now before you get excited , its only another waitressing job , and extremely part time, but I’m hoping the change and the garden and the new people will give me a kick in a different direction and save me from becoming a bitter old lemon!

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all those mothers out there doing the hardest job in the world ( and especial love to J.C. ). Have a virtual beer on me…this one is particularly good as it donates money to a charity that helps rescue Moon Bears.

2 responses to ““lift up your hearts and sing me a song…”

  1. Janet Croxson

    aww you are soooo lovely Kim 🙂 I’m sniffling after reading this THANKS! Today’s been better, I had a very early long dog walk and looked at fields and trees and then went back to bed-sooooooooo lazy! But my head is clearer now. Bear canvas is gorgeous! You are so clever. Good look at the Walled Garden. Coffee and cakes soon (shall we get our ears pierced again, hee hee?)

  2. Another beautiful canvas Kim. I love this one so much!

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