Heat Haze

Today I took a sheet of paper and in Sharpie pens of various colours wrote PLANS . Then there was a knock at the door and all the day’s plans went to pot when the man who had come to mend the chimney kept me talking for hours about everything from Art College education in the 60’s  and onwards to building regulations in the National Park. All in all quite an interesting afternoon but my asparagus plants have remained un-planted and my list of plans does not look convincingly thought out, let alone implemented!

Last week I bought myself a new set of pens for making necklaces and feel as though I’ve really got the hang of it now, so I’ve been making painted boards to display them on and trying to pluck up the courage to take them around a few shops .

Well it’s been amazingly beautiful weather the last few days and it must have gone to my head because I decided to enter the Hand and Lock competition. I have obviously fried my brain lolling on the trampoline; after paying the entrance fee, re-reading the brief and looking at some previous submissions I wonder what on earth I was thinking!  However, I’m hoping that having a project to work on will focus my mind much as the Sketchbook Project did earlier in the year. Talking of which, I got a message on Facebook today from Julie Fordham who had been to see the sketchbooks which have been in her home town, Atlanta, Georgia. It was lovely to see photos of my book on tour so thank you Julie ( Have a look at her book , I love it and can’t wait until later in the year when alot of the sketchbooks will be digitized)

So, it really is time I got on with something so I’ll leave you with this picture of Helmsley Castle and  The Walled Garden. Last Friday I had my first day working in the Vine House cafe  and nearly cooked myself as it is in a greenhouse and it was the hottest day ever. I’m not really designed for hard work in extreme temperatures, nor for enforced coffee rationing (!)but despite being exhausted I must admit it was a lovely environment to be working in and the food is delicious.


4 responses to “Heat Haze

  1. Hi there,
    The beginning of your post reminded me of the words of a John Lennon song… ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans…. ‘

    Love your new necklaces and display boards! Good luck taking them round some shops- I’m sure they’ll love them – go for it!

  2. hello kim,

    your work is very very beautiful! has made me smile on a morning when i didn’t feel like smiling so thank you. next time you are passing thorugh keswick call in the shop and there is some tea and cake with your name on it x

    • kimsarahtillyer

      Thank you Emma, I can’t wait for my next trip to the Lakes, I hope your day gives you more reasons for smiling x

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