Welcome Rain

I have been wondering why I seem to be getting less done; neglecting this blog,being absent from Facebook and being very lazy about my Etsy shop. I think it must be the garden and the fact that we just had about a year’s worth of bank holidays in the space of two weeks.Since I last wrote I have had a wonderful birthday, basking in sunshine and being spoilt rotten by my friends and family.Trusty, rusty OldMac was miraculously transformed into shiny, snazzy MacBook Pro by my lovely brother, so really I have no excuse for not writing,photographing and designing more. In fact its vital, I HAVE to drum up some kind of business before winter…

So today with a superhuman ( and very out of character) burst of energy I managed to get a lot of the things done that had been bugging me. The grass got cut,the rhubarb patch was weeded, I baked bread,made a pie, made several necklaces and even hoovered the stairs…all this and I still got a massive lie -in and checked all my favorite places on the internet. Why though? How come today I had energy? Maybe its because the weather changed and for the first time in weeks it rained.

I’m just waiting for the oven to heat up so I can cook the last two necklace designs and then its up the apples and pears for me, a long day at the Walled Garden awaits tomorrow. I’m excited for next weekend when Rupert and I will be staying in a yurt in the Lake District to celebrate his birthday.This means I can test out another birthday present, my  Millican rucksack (with not very heavy things!) and hopefully visit Temporary Measure again. Now I must go, with the promise that I will write more often and try to have some adventures that will keep you rivited.

Reading :”Millican Dalton Biography” MD Entwistle

Listening to : Kate Bush talking about her new album and  rain falling on a parched garden


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