Buttons, Birds, Books and Bicycles.

Dear readers I have been neglecting you and fewer of you have been visiting Witchmountain in recent weeks.I hope this is because we have all been spending more time outside while the sun shines and less huddled over our keyboards. Driving across the moor this week I felt all bubbly and excited for no real reason, as if I was on the way to a party or had just got some very good news…I could only put it down to the mad lushness of everything, the almost day-glo greens,bright pink Campions, Cauliflower white clouds, everything bursting with energy. Still,a 10 mile bike ride on Sunday used up most of MY energy and any good it did me was wiped out by the appetite  for toast it caused!

I’m busy getting some things ready for an Art Market at Rural Arts  on The 28th and 29th of May, in fact I should be doing that now but apart from writing this I’m being distracted by the swallows diving about outside the kitchen window. Hopefully they are catching all the nasty midges that bite me whenever I rush out to pick some salad leaves in the evening.

I’m still hooked on making tiny birds and have just got some lovely buttons from the amazing  Duttons for Buttons in York. Whenever I go in there I can’t help imagining the chaos if the shelves were to collapse.

As well as the necklaces, I eventually got around to cutting up some of my old embroidery/print samples last night and making them into these little denim purses with coloured zips, lined with hand dyed pink cotton.

So, I’m going to do a little work before packing up my Millican rucksack ready for its first outing. Forecast is rain and I’ve been told to pack a wetsuit so I hope the Yurt is cozy!

Reading: still reading Millican Dalton’s biography and wondering whether to give “Tristram Shandy” by Laurence Sterne a try after a visit to Shandy Hall today.


3 responses to “Buttons, Birds, Books and Bicycles.

  1. I like the apple, nice to see you trying some new things (personally I prefer the birds but diversity is what should hopefully drive more sales, and anyway ‘I like, birds…’) and that works really well.

    Take your sketchbook hidden wrapped up in your wetsuit! You might get a chance to do some drawing looking out from your yurt if it rains 🙂

  2. Hi Kim. We are doing another craft fair in Osmotherley village hall to raise money for Pre school and wondered if you wanted to have a stall again as everyone loved your things so much last time. It’s 25 June at 7.30pm xx

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