Looking down to Crummock Water from Melbreak

Snuggled up on Witchmountain with the kitchen full of the scent of freshly baked bread and cheese scones, I’m being kept warm by memories of a magical weekend in Borrowdale. My photographs aren’t so great, which I think is proof that I was too busy BEING there to stop and take pictures (also the batteries went!). The yurt at Seatoller was as lovely as I’d hoped, with solar powered fairy lights and a tiny wood burning stove.On Thursday we had the whole campsite to ourselves which felt unbelievably romantic;the moonlight on the mountains making it all look like a victorian engraving or a Turner painting.

We had some adventures…looking for, and failing to find, Millican Dalton’s cave on Castle Crag and taking an “unrecommended” route down from Melbreak. I could have stayed forever but at the same time I was looking forward to coming back and trying to use some of the inspiration I had found while walking through a soaking wet and eerie Whinlatter forest. I wanted to try and translate the rich textures of moss, rock and foliage into stitch, as well as adapting some of the Wainwright drawings to use as motifs and “buttons”.

work in progress: stitch,hand drawn and cut embellishments,vintage buttons.

I have so many ideas but can’t help feeling a bit self indulgent when I’m working on something that isn’t necessarily sellable…and embroidery is so slow.If I call it “Art” can I justify spending time thinking about it when I ought really to be finding a way to pay the bills?  So much to do and so little time! For this reason I’m going to stop writing now and get on with making things.

My Millican Bag posing next to the stove in the Yurt

6 responses to “Glamping

  1. Janet Croxson

    Lovely photos Kim, I’m bunging your blog up on my wall again, it does inspire people! ❤ hopefully see you tomorrow x x

  2. I noticed your name in a Glamping Tweet, glad I looked it up! Nice Blog

    All best

    • kimsarahtillyer

      Thanks Sean. I LOVE Glamping; in fact I’m quite tempted to see if I can get some sort of business going over here in North Yorkshire, not that it could possibly compare with glorious Borrowdale. x

  3. lovely to find your blog a wonderful mix of photography and your lovely arts. I read through many of your posts and enjoyed my visit. So glad you had a romantic wonderful time. Yurts have such a nice feeling, so different from square rooms.

    • kimsarahtillyer

      Thank you so much Tammie. You have some very beautiful photographs on your blog and of course I love the bears! /

  4. Fab photos Kim – and I love the look of your work, will be keen to see how it progresses.

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