Pipe Dreams

This week I’m working on re-stocking after the Rural Arts event and was woken this morning by a delivery of flat-pack card stands; hopefully these will make it easier to ask some places to stock my cards.The moose commission has been posted and listening to a serial on the radio about elephants ( “The Elephant Keeper” Christopher Nicolson) , I think I might have a go at some elephant drawing this afternoon! I’m also really inspired by the two books I treated myself to after making the big sale to The Golden Lion last week ( The Lapwing will be hanging in one of the bedrooms and I’ve been promised a bit of publicity on the website…)

Anyway, the books are “Plants and Places” Angie Lewin and “The True and The Questions” Sabrina Ward Harrison . Both are real treats but the Angie Lewin one is gorgeous, with sketchbook pages, images of the wood blocks being carved and photographs of the landscapes that inspire her work. I should be sitting outside drawing pebbles and plants..

On Sunday I visited another inspiring place, The Dutch House, near Easingwold. Cecile and Sjaak began this eco-garden/cafe/shop and art studio only a couple of years ago and the gardens are still a work in progress… willow house,wild flower meadow and sculptures.

The willow house puts mine to shame as it is about twice the size ( and doesn’t have moles living in it)! The lovely cafe is full of handmade crafts for sale and specialises in  TINY Dutch pancakes and Edam sandwiches; we came home with a box of windmill shaped , spice biscuits called “Speculaas” which Rupert remembers from his childhood.

I would love to have a place like this, it is my dream…well, one of them… along with a woodland “glamping” site, a feature in Country Living Magazine, a cafe in the mountains, an ice-cream shop in a converted vw camper…..!

Now, none of this will happen unless I crack on! Lots of love to you all for reading. x




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