House of Cards

The big news from Witchmountain this week is that I have now got a proper domain name ,courtesy of my lovely brother, and have made a new home for everything at Here you will find links to Etsy, Facebook and this blog ,all in one place.Its not an actual website yet but was built using  which so far seems pretty good and makes me feel a bit more organised! ( Virtually organised… my real life is all still like a cupboard that won’t stay shut and has old pans,boxes, jumpers and magazines spilling out of it whenever you open the door)

So, its June on the North York Moors which means I am sitting in the kitchen with the stove blazing, wearing two pairs of socks and a woolly jumper. The garden is a bit confused but generally thankful for the torrential rain. I’ve been busy this week making the card stands I’d bought and sorting out a few things which a good friend in the village has offered to take to an event tomorrow. “Roots Farm Shop” is holding a charity open day  where you can not only buy my cards and Fran’s jewellery but also have a ride in a helicopter or a tractor . So if you fancy playing at being in The Archers, Roots is the place to be  on Sunday!

I’m really pleased with these flat-pack card stands which should make future events a lot easier. Trouble is I printed out the front of this one before the birth of . The new batch of cards has now been listed in my Etsy shop which I am slowly re-stocking. I want to get rid of some of my old stock which doesn’t fit with how I want it to look now.

Ooh, I just had an idea!! My friend Lindsey of Nakupenda has been trying to promote her new business in Tanzania “Touch Africa Adventure“. Visit her fantastic website and leave a comment here telling me which “adventure” you would choose. The winner, picked at random on June 21st (Midsummer) will receive one of these purses and another mystery gift ( not a plane ticket I’m afraid!). So spread the word and good luck.


17 responses to “House of Cards

  1. Jenifer Racheal Tucker

    =( hey kimn its saying its the wrong website address =( just thought id let u know =) x

  2. Since my hubby replaced the old Rayburn with a combi boiler, he seems to feel the need for the house to be constantly baking hot. I have to sneak around, slightly opening windows! Love the new colourful purses Kim.

    Any of those lovely wildlife adventures would be fabulous. If push came to shove I would have to choose the Bird Watching package across Tanzania. Would be amazing to see the swallows and swifts that visit us here in summer over there in Africa in winter.

  3. Luxury Safari for me Kim!! Had a chat to Lindsey about this, as we are thinking of going to Africa next year – hope to see you at the Degree Show this week – Jayne x


  5. Janet Croxson

    The 11 day luxury adventure, even though I lived there for years and years and hosted many people who did safaris, because I was working and had teeny tiny children, I never got to Kili or Ngorogoro 😦 I wish your friend Lyndsay all the best with her company.
    And to you, too, Kim, may good things come of chance meetings in Veggie restaurants in York!
    J x x

  6. The Cultural Expedition- if you havent read the details, you must- everything from dressing in authentic Maasai clothing to joining the women to fetch water or milk the cows, to joining the men for a lesson in throwing spears. To truly be a part of this amazing culture!

  7. I’m a new visitor to your blog,I was told about it by Christine F-S,…….I just have to say love your designs..About the adventure ,it would have to be trecking through the rainforest in search of the chimpanzee’s it sounds awesome!!

  8. Hi Kim,

    How are you ? Had a look at your friends website and I would love to do all of those trips – if only aye. But if I have to pick it would be the Kilimanjaro, safari and beach – yes please!!

    Our mums caught up recently and had a lovely day mouching around London , there is apparently a market that I MUST go along to next time I am up there – which I have to say does sound good.

    Still loving all your designs especially the polar bear :o)


  9. hi, although all the adventures sound great, i would have to pick the bird watching one…my love of birds would have to prevail…my best, wendy

  10. ALL! but made to choose, I think the 11 day safari or chimp safari can not decide! website looks great! and I too had a “fishy pedicure” a couple of weeks ago, fab aren’t they? X

  11. Sue Hutchinson

    11 day safari for me, although any would be a wonderful experience I’m sure. Methinks we’ll have to call in and see Ms Murray in Tanzania – might even beat the Farne Islands for wildlife!

  12. Discover Tanzania-Kilimanjaro, Safari & Zanzibar, but without the mountain climbing !! – still in recovery mode 😦
    Hopefully I’ve beaten the Summer Solstice deadline – and the clouds have broken in Guisborough!

  13. I would go any any of the trips Lindsey is doing. Any excuse to go back to Africa! But if I had to choose oy would be the 11 day safari followed by one of the volunteer programmes. Xx

  14. Ngorongoro Crater, sounds amazing and I once read a book about cow poo being lucky in Ngorongoro! : P

  15. My first choice fantastic trip is “Discovering Tanzania – Kilimanjaro, Safari and Zanzibar.”
    Actually all the options are wonderful…. hard to choose! P.

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