Moose Necklace – special commission !

Hello again. “So soon?” you ask. Well I need to tell you about the new gallery where Jane Thorniley-Walker and I took our work today. Golden Brown Coffee in Darlington is just setting up it’s gallery on the third floor of the cafe. Its a fantastic space (and the coffee is great) where our work will be in the first exhibition which opens on Sunday 19th June, between 11am and 4pm. There’ll be champagne, holistic therapies and of course lovely art and coffee!

“Is It Spring Yet”

I’d also like to thank Frances and Bobby Terry for selling so much for me at the Roots event at the weekend. Its so hard to be a salesman for your own work, it can all feel too personal, so it was lovely to have someone else do it for me.

Oompa Loompa or Smurf?

In case you think all I do is sit around drawing moose and bears here is a mug shot of me taken at the weekend. It was raining like mad so Rupert decided to take me down the aptly named Crackpot caves instead of up Helvellyn. GOOD GRIEF, it was amazing, with wonderful rock formations, underground pools and this column of limestone something-or-other. However, the nightmare crawl along a tiny tunnel will live with me for ever. I could feel the panic rising and tried to forget the passages in “Birdsong” about being trapped underground. Luckily I have never watched “The Descent” because my own fears were enough to convince me it was a once in a lifetime experience!



3 responses to “Underworld

  1. absolutely love the moose ……..♥
    didn’t know you are quite the spelunker – I am long to explore the caves in Oregon.. it is next on our family vacation!

    • kimsarahtillyer

      Is that a word for caving? No, Lisa, It was awful, so scarey! Lovely to hear from you and I can now see your blog since I got a new Mac! x

  2. Nicky Proctor

    Hi Kim, good luck with it – thanks for the link – will be in touch, Nicky x

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