Bitter Orange

Embroidery sample and Photoshopped mood board

The rain continues and so do my battles with Orange who have today and for the past week,driven me insane with rage and frustration. I am eating red chillies to improve my natural serotonin but maybe chamomile tea would be better.

ANYWAY, the winner of the giveaway is Jayne, a recent graduate of CCAD’s, BA(hons) Degree in Textiles and Surface Design.You win a lovely orange purse, better than an Orange phone any day! I hope you all enjoyed fantasizing about trips to Africa, sorry I couldn’t giveaway a free ticket !

A cozy “tuffet” for eating curds and whey ( minus spider )

My stove is all mended now , just in time for a typical Yorkshire June. The wall has been put back together, the picture re-hung and I treated myself to this lovely cushion from Inspired Earth who were at the festival at the weekend. I can see me spending a lot of time huddled here with a mug of coffee and some embroidery …

Deep breath…..ok, I’m calmer now. Time to get on with things. Thank you so much for reading and taking part in the competition. x

PS . I’ve just been on Facebook and realised it’s Jayne’s birthday today!


3 responses to “Bitter Orange

  1. Janet Croxson

    So glad Jayne won and happy birthday! x x
    Stay warm Kim, it’s pretty cold at nights, I may have to come and huggle up with you and do embriodery too! Or poetry……….

  2. Pictures look great! xx

  3. Ohhh I’m so happy I won one of your lovely purses, thank you Kim, I hope I will soon get around to making goodies to sell/give away!! Keep blogging, it’s a like getting a really great letter in the actual post when you do a virtual post – must visit now I have some spare time xxxJaynexxx

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