Bohemian Bell Tents, Beetroot and Boutiques

Beetroot,goats cheese and thyme pie !

“Roll up, Roll up! For one day only…! ” The sun has been shining and its very hot here on Witchmountain, for the first time since April. I’ve been sitting in the garden with a streaming cold, sewing , listening to the radio and not applying enough sun cream. Silly me. A late evening walk, to cool down, last night left me so thirsty I rushed to the tap only to find the water was off AGAIN. Just like in “The Tiger Who Came to Tea” the taps were dry.

One of my favorite children’s books by Judith Kerr


Anyway, despite the nasty cold It was a lovely weekend including an alternative Glastonbury party at the fabulous Motor House, a visit to Elsie May Boutique in Hartlepool (where Laura is stocking my necklaces with lots of other beautiful handmade treasures) and a lot of baking,lounging and listening to Glastonbury on 6Music.

One of my bird peg boards at Elsie May Boutique.


This week I have given myself strict instructions to manage my time properly and be hugely motivated. This means I have only allotted myself today to do one more embroidery sample and mock -up some ideas for the Hand &Lock which has to be in on Thursday. They ask for five photographs showing ideas, mood boards, inspiration and samples and I realise now why it used to be a student only competition…I have so many ideas but just nowhere near enough time ! I’d love to get through to the second stage though as it would give me the excuse to really invest(more) time, money (for materials ) and effort in a creative project.

Mock-up of climbing chalk bag…I’d like to make these!

So, its about time to bottle the elderflower champagne I started yesterday and then more sewing, which might be hard because the bulbs gone in the anglepoise, drat! Oh, goodness! I almost forgot!! I just clicked on a button which means I have bought a bell tent! I’m very excited~ and very poor, which is a shame because after our lovely weekend in the Yurt I’ve been looking forward to trying out one of Inside Out Camping‘s gorgeous bell tents . Just better get some work done hadn’t I… x


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