Peacocks, Penguins and Paracetamol

I’m feeling extremely fragile today after being flattened for three days by an evil migraine…I blame it on Sunday’s enforced dehydration; perhaps I can get a discount on my rent?! Anyway, these things are so horrific you just wish to be knocked out or put out of your misery and the hangover from taking a shed load of different painkillers is almost as bad as the thing itself. Annoyingly I’d just got into doing some designs on Photoshop for a lampshade manufacturer in Vietnam; the first proper designing I’d done for ages, cut short by the unbearable brightness of being in front of a computer screen!

I was so glad to eventually send off my Hand & Lock entry on Tuesday. Really I was less than happy with it and doubt I will get through to the second stage, but it was a good lesson in not biting off more than you can chew and also reminding me how much I like the research/concept side of designing. Its not always possible to reach a satisfying final outcome but its fun dreaming up possibilities.

©KimTillyer 2011

So, with all my sewing stuff temporarily tidied away, I’ve been making a few more necklaces, as gifts and commissions- and now I really should stop typing and make a few more for my sadly neglected Etsy shop. This morning I treated myself to a lazy, convalescent, tea-and-magazine-in-bed session with the lovely “Oh Comely” magazine which featured a few of my Etsy favorites, Jimbobart, as well as a recipe for rose turkish delight and some lovely writing/photography. You can read their blog here.

Have a lovely weekend whatever you’re doing. x

2 responses to “Peacocks, Penguins and Paracetamol

  1. I love your work but equally the photos! I’m originally from Scarborough and spent many happy Sundays in my late teenage years hiking across the North Yorkshire Moors. I’m now happily retired here on Crete, in the central Amari valley surrounded by beautiful, big mountains, but the moors are still in my heart! I started a blog just after we came here but I didn’t post much; recently I lost my partner and now have all the time I want to pursue my hobby of textiles and I shall start posting again plus on the blog of the new group just formed-

    • Hi Kath, thank you for your lovely comment. I love your idea of embroidering your garden drawing. Crete must be a bit of a change from Scarborough! x

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