Gardening at Night

Today it thundered like mad and sent hailstones the size of marbles ping-ing off the metal garden table.Its been a weird day because I woke up at about 5.30 am which is very out of character. I spent a pleasant hour or two sitting in bed with tea, toast, a review of Mervyn Peake’s “Gormenghast” and Farming Today on Radio 4 ,before falling asleep until lunchtime! Nevermind, I made up for it with a mad flurry of activity, baking, cleaning and sorting out a huge pile of old portfolios that used to live under the bed.

It was nice to find some forgotten pieces of work including this tiny print sample on jersey fabric and this drawing of feathers.A bonus was discovering a huge stash of paper, including thick watercolour paper, card and handmade khadi papers which should keep Sara stocked up when she starts her new course at DMU in August.There is something mentally cleansing about clearing out the rubbish from under the bed! I feel a little less chaotic and a bit more positive.

The garden is happy with the crazy soakings its been getting lately and it’s lovely to wander about picking sugar snap peas , raspberries and wild strawberries ; particularly in the evening when the nightscented stocks, honeysuckle and jasmin are almost overpowering. A baby hedgehog has been snuffling about noisily as well so the poor old chickens are on edge ( did you know that hedgehogs chase chickens?!)

Tonight I’ve listed some new things on Etsy  and have been wracking my brains for ways to promote the gallery at Golden Brown Coffee as well as raising some money for Shelterbox ( particularly in light of the crisis in East Africa) .I really want to support this charity as it seems like such a positive and practical way to help; so I’ve been sending out e-mails to local businesses asking for prize donations…fingers crossed some of them reply and then more fingers crossed that some people turn up to this event on the 23rd….

Right, I’m off to breathe in that heady scent and have a chat with that little hedge pig. x


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