Rain and Raffle Tickets

For a moment  last Saturday the sun came out and I ran outside with my bottle of sweet peas, anxious to photograph the bubbles in the water!I’m glad I did because its been like the end of world here ever since… no phone, no internet, no mobile signal and water the colour of beer, all because it’s done nothing but RAIN forever.

I was all set to tell you about the day I spent making handcrafted press packs and how I spent days contacting people and asking for donations of prizes in aid of Shelterbox. Now a week has gone by and the event is tomorrow, so its too late for any more attempts at promotion. I just want to say I’ve been overwhelmed by some of the offers; Millican have been fantastic and several others such as Lewis&Cooper  and Greene King. Thank you so much.

Its been fun anyway, pretending to be a PR, and feeling like I’m doing something useful. I’m not sure how it will have benefited the gallery and my “artwork” but I’m so pleased to be able to send some money to Shelterbox.

Anyway, I will let you know how it went, IF I ever get a working phone line again! This has been written with internet stolen from my mum and dad , who have also agreed to judge the owl drawing competition tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll see some of you there. x


2 responses to “Rain and Raffle Tickets

  1. please write another post soon so i can see what happened! and whats going to happen next!! it’s not the same stitching without you! xxxxxxxx

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