Yorkshire Grit and Owl Obsessions

Yorkshire gritstone at Rylstone

I love North Yorkshire! Ok, so right now its pouring with rain and chilly as October, but just look what it was like on Sunday! These stones are at Rylstone in The Yorkshire Dales, where I was made to trudge for the good of my health, carrying a huge, heavy climbing rope tied to my back like a pack horse. I complained quite a bit about the lack of flasks of coffee/whisky/piggy-backs etc. but have to admit was worth it when I got to the top. Its an amazing place and definitely lifts the spirits, although I bet it can be a really eerie place too, like something out of “Hound of the Baskervilles”.

View from the summit cross towards Cracoe Memorial

My owl obsession continues and while I still have the borrowed owl I’ve been drawing late into the night, playing with the results on Photoshop and listening to “Gormenghast”. The owl did actually spike me with its talon and draw blood which was upsetting- if I suddenly get a taste for mice and sitting up trees I will be worried!

Photoshop design from original drawings

While the sun shone yesterday I photographed some new owl necklaces which I’ll probably be taking to Art in the Shed on bank holiday weekend to sell in aid of Street Child Africa. I’m particularly fond of the little orange owl who was based on the wonderful Arts and Crafts design by Voysey.

I think they look happy on this velvet devoré notebook which I was given as a birthday present years ago. It contains a kind of scrapbook of all my favorite recipes and was made by Dionne Swift. She recently held an exhibition and some workshops at Rural Arts in Thirsk; her work is  really lovely and almost impossible to resist touching!

Anyway, the lovely dusty,buttery colour seems to be everywhere at the moment and it reminds me of Wiltshire again and the mysterious corn circles that appear at this time of year.

Almost time for coffee and perhaps a trip to the shed to get some logs, its probably warmer outside but I don’t need much persuading to get cozy! I hope summer is still feeling summery where you are; keep your fingers crossed I don’t turn in to an owl or it might be necessary to move here!

Sara wants us to go on holiday here next year!



8 responses to “Yorkshire Grit and Owl Obsessions

  1. Your necklaces look lovely.

  2. Nice pictures, were you forced to do any climbing? I will also have to have a look at some of your owl necklaces – I think I will definitely need one for a present for my Mum!

  3. kimsarahtillyer

    It was quite late by the time we got there and I think the good climbing is further along- I did some great “clambering ” though!!

  4. i love witchmoutain more than usual…. it makes me feel close to home xxxx

  5. Fantastic!!! This is the only blog I have ever followed!!!

  6. Thank you for the link to my website! I havn’t made any velvet books for ages – they were definately a limited edition. I have now started to create felt covered sketch books with a hand pulled image on the cover. They are on my website in the ‘shop’ pages.
    Dionne x

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