Its a beautiful day on Witchmountain but along with the honey scent of heather it smells like the end of summer. I’ve got that strange nesting feeling; preparing for hibernation by painting rotting window frames, ordering logs and washing blankets! I’ve been having problems uploading pictures to WordPress this week so I’m writing this blind, hoping the picture above is of the little grey tractor at Westwood Studios and the one below of a surprise parcel that arrived in the post a few weeks back…

Karen Syms of the Tiny Gallery had posted some things back to me and in a separate parcel there was a little stripey lavender bag, hand knitted and deliciously scented. Its been under my pillow ever since as proof that kindness and generosity do exist and that a little something in the post can make someone’s day!

So, I’m on a mission at the moment to sort out my nest, organize all the junk and look at life more positively. I think its all been prompted by the fact that my lovely daughter is leaving home this weekend , to do an art course in Leicester, and we’ve had a massive clear-out of “stuff” in the process of packing.”Fresh fields and pastures new” as the Wombles once said! Its going to be very empty here but hopefully an exciting new start for Sara.

Its been a nightmare writing this, changing from Firefox to Safari, losing pictures, losing the whole lot when Safari “unexpectedly quit”  I’m going to sign off for now and apologise for my poor offerings. Hopefully I will discover the answer to all my technical difficulties, but until then I’m off to do some real work and maybe make a drop more coffee. 

Reading: “The Owl Service” Alan Garner ( again) Listening To: Samuel Yirga ………What are you reading?


5 responses to “Nesting

  1. I hope you get your technical problems sorted out and the tidying up goes well. It’s starting to feel like spring might come here, so I’m looking out at the garden and thinking about all the weeding and digging I need to do.
    I loved reading The Owl Service as a kid, I still have it somewhere. I remember watching a TV series too, which was a bit scary, of course I was probably under 10 when I watched it.

  2. kimsarahtillyer

    Thanks Frances, I remember that TV series too, and its been on the radio more recently. It is a bit scary! Love your Allison Willoughby skirt over on and its weird to think its just getting to be spring over there.

  3. Tracey Todhunter

    Hi there, discoverd you through the Dorset Cereals Little Blog Awards – have voted for you – even though I want to win myself! I love your illustrations, especially the owls in this post. I wish your daughter luck with her new course and you luck with the award. Very best wishes

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