September Song

The first day of September is tomorrow ,today it’s windy and grey and my mood seems to have plummeted with the temperature. I’m listening to a radio programne about employment/recruitment and education which is confirming all my thoughts and fears at the moment. My lovely part time job in Helmsley Walled Garden Cafe ends in a few weeks, as the gardens close for winter, so I’m job hunting while the house slowly fills with framed art work and tiny owls and bears!

I have also been guilty of extreme naivety when it comes to “saving for my children’s education”, firstly because I had nothing to save and secondly because I truly believed that in this country education was a right not a privilege and that low income families would be supported in their decision to encourage continuing education. So, it has come as a shock as I count up the cost of even sending Jake to school let alone funding( with huge help from other family members) Sara’s college living costs. Like Simon Murphy in Saturday’s Guardian, I believe in the importance of learning for its own sake “choosing mind over money” and hoping that my children take full advantage of their education and end up in a better position than me! Meanwhile Jake looks like he may be ok if he can knock up this crazy recycled- bucket- sound system for ipod/mobile phone, in one afternoon .

So, Its time to put the coffee pot on the stove and get out some real paper for writing a letter to Sara, her room in Leicester feels like being in a boat because the canal is right outside the window, with a view over the park. I’m really hoping she loves her course and also wish all the new students starting out this year the very best of luck; I wish I could do it all again!

I’ll leave you with these scenes of purple and green and hope the coffee gives me a burst of energy to do something creative.

Reading : “The Summer of the Bear” by Bella Pollen

5 responses to “September Song

  1. Here’s hoping the coffee gave you the burst you wanted. My children are a couple of years away from tertiary study and I’m already wondering how we can finance it (and we have saved a little money). Good luck with the job hunting.

  2. sending you a hug Kim and hope we can meet for another coffee soon now I am back from my travels. I’m broke and worried about the children too, we can comiserate and try to make plans………….did you win the tiny blog competition after all? I hope so! x x x

  3. your blog is lovely as always, and i believe they refer to it as “up-cycling” now rather than recycling?? i’m just here in africa evesdropping on a very noisy wedding ceremony with lots of music and stretching canvases for my restaurant. love as usual xxxxx

  4. have just discovered your blog and voted for it – thank you for sharing your lovely photos, thoughts and creativity. Love your owls – the girl who was flowers from the Mabinigion and The Owl Service, takes me back……
    Good luck to your daughter living life in Leicester (my home town!) although I am now in East Yorkshire. Hope she isn’t missing up north too much. The lovely photo of the tractor is a little grey Fergie, of course, a Massey Ferguson, and very collectable these days. That takes me back, too. Must be the nosotalgia autumn evokes!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments Lizzie, it means alot to me and has cheered me up today . Glad you like the little grey Fergie! x

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