Bad Coffee, Bears and Bicycles

Here I am again curled up on the kitchen bench with the stove blazing and the coffee steaming in my chipped pink mug. Since my last confession I have decided to give Folksy a try and have opened up a new shop on there. I’m hoping that since its not yet as huge as Etsy I might not be quite so lost in the crowd. So far it doesn’t feel as user friendly but I think they are in the middle of updating the whole thing so maybe it’ll all be fabulous and I’ll make a fortune and be like the Tesco of the handmade world! ( hmmm, not sure I actually aspire to that but you know what I mean).

I’ve been working at the Vine House today; a side effect of this job seems to be a new obsession with baking and cooking in general.This picture is of an orange cake is from last week, while this week’s cake of the moment is Apple and Cinnamon. I made two yesterday,one because it has been the parents’ birthdays (Happy Birthdays Dear Parents) and the other because I’ve been led to believe that this is the way to a man’s heart…!?

Unfortunately all the baking and caking and sitting about making small owls is making me moan constantly that my clothes no longer fit ( obviously they must have shrunk) and this has resulted in me being made to cycle for hours, mostly up hill ( is this why they are called push bikes, because you always end up pushing them?!). Here I am on the descent into Rosedale where coffee and cake were promised but turned out to be a packet of peanuts and what appeared to be a small cup of Bisto/chickory/Mellow Birds with a scum of “milk froth substitute”. Truely the most disgusting coffee ever.
Nevertheless I admit I do feel better for a bit of exercise and I wouldn’t do it unless I was more or less made to ~ so I should say thank you.

A few weeks ago I was given a lovely commission by a ( lovely) man who wanted a unique, bear related,wedding present for his best friends.I really enjoyed painting and embroidering this small box canvass, collaging wedding related phrases and packing it all up ready for the big day. I hope they like it and have a happy happy future together.  I also hope they don’t read this and spoil the surprize…ooops.

Now, it is time I did something constructive as I have several markets coming up and I’d like to have some new things to show. Before I go I thought you might like these websites by friends of mine,  Pete Wilson takes amazing photographs from all over the world  that look as though they should be in National Geographic,while another Wilson, David , is an architectural stained glass designer who grew up in Osmotherley and now lives in upstate New York.Enjoy.





2 responses to “Bad Coffee, Bears and Bicycles

  1. that wedding present is utterly gorgeous! Well done Kim 🙂 and I’m with you on the bad coffee thing, I went to a new cafe in York and ordered a cappuccino and when it came it was flat and terribly milky with no froth, I was so perplexed, I took it back to the counter and (trying to be polite) asked “Um, what would you call this? is it a Latte?” and my friend was in hysterics at how rude I’d been……………….blah
    So, Baking is great for this Autumnal time of year, and it IS the way to the right man’s heart……………….x x

  2. Kim, am also newly obsessed with baking – is it a middle aged thing?? Cake today is Chocolate orange drizzle!! Have you been watching the Great British Bake Off thingy on TV? Jayne x

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