Red Shoes

The Red Shoes

Day Three of my new leaf thing finds me up and about EARLY IN THE MORNING and already I’ve been for a walk! A sparkling October morning, dotted with berry jewels and gauzy spider webs.Finding my neighbour’s postbox too small to fit the egg box in, I had to go right down to the house and take the track through the fields ,immediately cursing that I’d decided not to bring my phone and therefore had no camera. Oh, and when I had to do a spot of impromptu bouldering , clinging to a drystone wall, I wished I’d brought my wellies and could just trudge through the muddy slurry that was threatening to be my morning bath!

Sneaking up on Basil

So, I must admit I’m feeling much more positive than I was on Monday and not a drop of butter has crossed my lips! My kitchen table is set out with the components of several new wallets, ready to be sewn up and printed as soon as I’ve stopped waffling on to you. Three small canvasses with cyanotype prints and stitch are drying on the windowsill and the coffee pot is beckoning.

Owl Box and Reflected Light

Yesterday I ordered some chemicals to make cyanotypes on fabric and I’m really excited about trying out the process when the package arrives. At the moment I’m collaging the paper prints I’ve made using Sun Print Paper but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to use the chemicals not only on fabric but directly on to canvasses.

Hedgerow Flowers, Shadows and Reflections

At the risk of sounding like a compulsive shopper I’m also waiting excitedly for the postman to bring my copy of the shiny new Haruki Murakami novel “1Q84”.Murakami famously gets up at 4am, writes until 9am and then spends the rest of the day relaxing and training for marathons! Obviously he is my new role model!

Now I have to confess, I spent ages writing this, this morning, only for WordPress to go a bit crazy and refuse to recognise me or let me publish it. I’ve also ruined my best and favorite shirt and got in a bad mood with the sewing machine….oh dear, sometimes I think you can start the day TOO positive.

I hope Autumn is good where you are and you have a good book to read?

Reading: “Moomin Papa at Sea” Tove Jansson   Listening to: Radio4 and a very loud buzzing coming from this computer……


6 responses to “Red Shoes

  1. OOOOOO. I do love your shoes. i must hurry up and have a baby so i can buy lots of them… or you can make me some adult ones 🙂
    missing you Kim!x

  2. Keep positive Kim : )

    On the subject of Moomins, the Baltic now do collections of Moomin goodies and I never realised how amazing Tove Janssons illustrations are!

  3. Thanks you two. Don’t rush to have babies Lyndsay, they grow up to be giant teenagers REALLY quickly! Carl, her illustrations are beautiful aren’t they and the books she wrote for adults too x

  4. Kim,
    I am giddy as I type this…I am just so happy to be back on-line connecting with those bloggers that I followed faithfully:) I loved catching up with your blog today. Listen I wanted to ask if you would be interested in doing an interview like the one suzanne did. My goal is to put one up once a week on my blog, feature the artists that I adore so.
    just let me know.
    much love,

  5. the shoes are lovely, and your last blog about the craft market was really brave. don’t for a second think it reflects on your work which is beautiful, everyone has bad events, and at the moment we get to try and make a living in ridiculously tricky times, so don’t pay it any mind. i think you should pay attention to your lake district pang and come visit! there is always a cup of tea here with your name on it x emma

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