A Stolen Day

Another week begins on Witchmountain and I’m feeling cautiously optimistic; actually I’m feeling on top of the world but I’m really superstitious about shouting about it.  Other times I’ve said “Hurray, things are great just now” only to almost immediately loose internet connection, stub my toe, dye all the washing blue or receive a huge pile of bills in the post. Well, anyway, I’m feeling inspired, I’ve been out for a walk and done some gardening and its still morning so I have an afternoon of making and hopefully drawing to look forward to.

I’m really hoping those chemicals for making cyanotypes arrive today, and the labels to sew into my new wallets. Then I need to sort out my tax return and give some more thought to “target markets” and new places to sell things.

We went to the Lake District this weekend. At last, after a summer of disappointing weather we caught a near perfect day, stolen from fast approaching winter and as usual I have returned with cobwebs blown away and some lovely memories to inspire me.

The first thing that I wanted to show you is this amazing house, Rigg Beck . The  original Purple House  burned down in 2008 after a facinating history which included visits from poets, artists and actors. I’m not sure whether the new building is a private house or not but it certainly fits perfectly within its surroundings, even the flat roof is planted with moorland and alpine plants, while the curve of the main slate roof echos the summit of Causey Pike beyond.Proof that new buildings needn’t clash with the landscape in such sensitive and beautiful areas as the Lakes.

After our  attack on the summits of Causey Pike and Scar Crags I stumbled back to the car feeling like I had one leg shorter than the other and was desperate for tea and a cosy sit down. Rupert was probably desperate for me to stop moaning about all my various aches and pains too, so we made hot foot to Temporary Measure in Keswick . I just LOVE this place and it made my day to meet Emma and finally get to have that tea and cake I’ve been promising myself since I first saw the shop last year.

Have a look at the website and you will see the squashy sofa we sat on while enjoying this huge floral pot full of tea and the most delicious ginger fudge cake ( I’d earned it after all that walking and no butter for a week!) Then of course, being a sucker for bears I had to buy this small canvass which means I now have to stop typing and get back to the drawing board, or the sewing machine or whatever will be most likely to bring home the (veggie) bacon.

Oh, I almost forgot, I signed up for the Sketchbook Project again yesterday; late as usual so I’ll be panicking, but really looking forward to when it comes to London for the first time next year. Who else is taking part? Send me a link to your profile so we can compare notes ?


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