Prussian Blue and Ghostly Magpies

Today it has suddenly become night time without me noticing or getting very much done. All my good intentions for exercise and good diet have been scuppered by  visitors bearing biscuits, but nevermind, we all need a treat sometimes and I did swim yesterday. I found this picture in “The Tale of Mrs Tiggywinkle” when I was in the dentist’s waiting room on Monday… I was so excited because we went through Little Town on our last trip to the Lakes and my “stout little legs” just about carried me high enough to drop a pebble down the chimney! ( from Rowling End). Beautiful watercolours which are so familiar you almost forget to look.

As you can see I’ve been playing with the cyanotype chemicals , the main drawback being lack of sunshine! I do love the effect and might have to invest in a special light bulb ( presumably this might also save me from S.A.D. seasonal gloom too?) I’ve been using old designs which I’d previously printed on acetate  for making silkscreens, as well as plants and paper stencils. The magpie below was a first attempt, later ones have loads of detail, but I love the ghostly appearance of this one printed on cotton/linen.

I’ve also been turning my little owl into more purses and brooches in the hope that some frantic networking will soon turn in to customers. It was exciting to get an email to say I had been picked by the Found On Folksy blog, which was honestly the only good thing Folksy has sent my way so far! Another exciting venture is the Curiosity Project which I’m sponsoring, it looks fun and has been getting some good publicity.

I wanted to write something funny and witty but there seems to be lots of serious stuff to say. I will just quickly mention my favorite story of the week which is that Rupert , finding that he had no sweets when faced with a gang of tiny gouls and witches on Halloween, gave them each some cheese. Their disappointment was diverted by claims that cheese was brilliant for scarey nightmares and therefore the perfect Halloween treat, nicely done.I hope their parents don’t go round to complain ….

What I wanted to say was that this week I have also re- connected with two very special women who I’ve never met but who in tiny ways helped me through a low time in my life. Both “disappeared” for a while to deal with their own crises but its been lovely to hear from them again. Katy in particular is an inspiration and has asked me to be one of her interviewees on her lovely blog sometime soon! I’m flattered and nervously planning my answers.

And so, as we trundle in to November and the clocks hurl us in to darkness at tea time , I waved goodbye to the Walled Garden this week. The cafe is now closed until April but yesterday we had a final day of volunteering to raise money for Medecin sans Frontieres . A special Autumn Lunch raised over £2,ooo and I’m really proud to have been helping out. I’m going to miss the delicious salads we got for lunch,I’ve learned so much and definitely cook more interesting things these days!

I hope you all had a good Halloween and are looking forward to a cozy winter; time to fill up on pine needles and make sure the cellar is full of Jam! What is your favorite pumpkin/winter recipe?


2 responses to “Prussian Blue and Ghostly Magpies

  1. kim,
    I am so happy too! I love seeing all the wonders you photograph, lovely!

  2. lovely blog, as always 🙂 great pics x x thanks fr writing such inspirational words Kim ❤

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