Autumn Blues

This weekend I have been scuffling through Autumn leaves, dreaming up plans and making interesting “mistakes” with cyanotype. Sandwiched between two days of Novembery grey gloom, Sunday was the kind of day that makes you feel fizzy with excitment and possibilities. Perfect weather and a stunningly beautiful walk in a big circle around my house; sometimes its good to really explore the place where you live. From the top of Hawnby Moor, Witchmountain was a tiny dot and by the time we got home , through ancient oak woods, prickly dried heather, ink black pools and slippery wooden footbridges, it was dark and I could hardly bend to untie my poor old green DM’s!

I had to keep stopping to sniff the air and the leaves, Autumn smells so good…although perhaps the flask of hot Marmite slowly leaking in my backpack was confusing things a little.

Back to today, a flat grey Monday that finds me still sitting here struggling with motivation at lunchtime. I went to bed so full of ideas and plans but sometimes its hard to keep up the optimism and drive when nobody seems to want what you have to offer. Hard times eveywhere at the moment and a bit of personal re invention may be called for soon or I will be growing a beard, wearing pyjamas all day and only conversing with the birds!

So, the cyanotype is turning out to be lots of fun, although , as I said before,I do need some form of light which is the hardest part just now!I also need my printer to stop being so stroppy and spitting out the acetate complaining of a paper jam! The pieces I left on the windowsill to develop yesterday initially made me very sad; no design showed up and they were pale green instead of blue. I forgot about the “happy accidents” that often occur in printing and dying. After ironing dry, the most beautiful subtle patterns appeared and I can only assume this was because I was using wool instead of cotton. I just hope the designs don’t evaporate like invisible ink, a case of the emperor’s new clothes..

Goodness, its so dark now, and not even 4o’clock yet. I’d better have a run around the garden to soak up the last dregs of daylight before plugging in the sewing machine and making more coffee.

What is Autumn like where you are?

8 responses to “Autumn Blues

  1. Well thank you so much for this post….for one moment I thought I was alone! Yesterday was a dreadful day and going to bed would have been a great option….except I was at the studio. Full of woe is me, why am I bothering, what’s the point, who wants it anyway kinda feelings. Where they come from I have no idea….so I’ll make a deal with you….Misery loves company (says the quote). Don’t go it alone in future eh?
    As creatives we will get the bad days but the compensation of the good days makes it all worthwhile. Do something different…..yes go outside and run around…..naked if needs be….well perhaps not, but DO NOT go it alone :o)
    I hope today is a better day for you xxx

  2. Thank you Sue, I’m definitely coming to visit you soon before I grow roots and become part of this kitchen bench! Another grey day but your comments have made it feel less isolated x

  3. I love how these cyanotype images are coming out a bit mysterious mixed with beautiful…a true knock-out combination:)

  4. i am still getting used to the early darkness, that’s a bit dismal. and it’s felt unusually warm here this autumn, hoping that changes soon. 🙂

  5. Hello, just started reading your blog, hey funny how we all lack confidence in who will want our work. I am always torn between where to sell it, if at all. But a nice cuppa with friends and some lovely cake always brightens the darkest of days and off we go again, raring to have a dabble at another project. Stay confident people, we are all in it together. 🙂

  6. You are not alone, my girl! Just think of all the people who love your blog, your artwork and your photos – we are your community (for better or worse!)
    November and blues are just destined to go together; remember the Thomas Hood poem – No sun, no moon etc? That’s November. And every year it comes around. Soon be Christmas!

  7. Lizzie thank you so much, I don’t know the poem but I’m going to look it up right now :0) x

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