Its All About Me

This is just a very quick post to point you in the direction of my fabulous interview with  the inspirational Katy over on kt40s blog ( including a very sensible self portrait/mug shot and talk of imaginary shops)  Always one of my favorite reads and so colourful, just what is needed in Yorkshire in November…

Really I do need to do some making and preparing for Fridays fair, so I won’t waffle on …oh,except, I should mention my desperate attempt to drum up some sales on Folksy. I’ve been offering a FREE GIFT worth around £10 to the first person to buy something from my little shop and plugging it mercilessly on Facebook… I can hear the tumbleweeds rolling past and the broken shutters banging in the wind…but this means the winner could still be YOU

Now, its definitely time to do some sewing and get the christmas cakes in the oven; the fruit’s been soaking in Brandy all night next to the vat of Sloe Gin so its smelling pretty good in here!(hic)


2 responses to “Its All About Me

  1. So happy you jumped in and did the interview. I loved learning more about you…..wouldn’t mind a sip (or two:) of that sloe gin.

  2. Good luck with all the Christmas making and creating. Especially the sloe gin (you can buy various ‘ready made’ ones, but they’re not the same! Sloe vodka is pretty fine too!) meantime make do with a snuggle blanket and hot chocolate……
    Greetings from East Yorkshire!

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