Bear Hugs

I thought it would be fun to share with you the very postbox that is the starting point for the journey my Witchmountain parcels make to their new homes. This week I finally made my first sales on Folksy which has just had a big make over and I must say the front page does look pretty good at the moment , although I’m not sure about the new logo. Anyway, this is my friendly local postbox and its a very pleasant walk down the hill.

A little further down is this really pretty place where the winding road crosses a waterfall in a beautiful beech, oak and silver birch wood. The stone ruin is an old lime kiln but I think a bear probably lives in there.

So, this is a favorite circular walk ( not too far!) and I really should be doing it now instead of sitting here with the lap top burning my knees. , but the stove is on, its dull outside and the table is covered in half finished sketchbook pages…

When I went to the Biscuit Factory on Monday I found some small sculptures by Paul Smith which were of a girl and a bear. They reminded me of some of my old drawings and also of a photograph of me with a Francois Pompon sculpture in France so I dug it out and started scribbling…

The imagery is familiar from ancient folk tales and  Native American legends to the Philip Pullman books and was part of the inspiration behind one of my college projects. Then, I was introduced to the stunning work of Jackie Morris who is currently illustrating one of my favorite stories “East of the Sun , West of the Moon” , goodness, her bears are pretty amazing and I almost put away my pencils! Go and have a look…and I’m adding her work to my virtual Christmas wish list!( hint hint)

Well, all this sitting about won’t get the bills payed and I must get the second batch of Christmas cakes made, coffee needs brewing and drawing needs to be done. Next week I will be helping out at the Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate, helping set up an art supplies shop …sounds like I’ll be spending more than I earn on delicious new supplies!

Keep cozy everyone; it doesn’t quite feel like winter yet here …

Reading : ” Mervyn Peake Two Lives” by Maeve Gilmore and Sebastian Peake


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