Press Pause…

The view from my window is a little different this Christmas, in fact there are primroses in the garden and leaf buds on the honeysuckle. I’ve been avoiding the internet and all its forms of communication these last few days, partly because I’ve been too busy and partly because I just went off it all. I didn’t want to sound like a Christmas Round Robin letter, either bragging or bemoaning the year’s achievements and boring you stupid when you’d rather be watching “Its a Wonderful Life” and eating mince pies. This is the first quiet moment to myself I’ve had for days though and its quite therapeutic to waffle on to an invisible audience ! The radio isn’t even on and all I can hear is the stove roaring and the  wind howling.

Anyway, I hope it was a good Christmas where ever you were; and if it wasn’t,then now is the time to breath a sigh of relief, take a little time for yourself and I for one will be helping in a homeless shelter or knitting jumpers for penguins next year!

So, the last week of 2011 and it’s WARM. I’m missing the snow that briefly smooths out all the sharp bits and gives the illusion of perfection (but I admit it is nice to be able to get about easily). I’m off to bake a pie now and give some serious thought to the Sketchbook Project which needs posting in just over 30 days. I shall return in the New Year with new ideas and new found enthusiasm ( hmmm, now where did I put that? I know I got some somewhere)  but for now I shall just say Season’s Greetings and much love from Witchmountain.

By the way, I am now on Twitter. I’m following advice but not at all convinced yet, its been more trouble than it’s worth so far, so, if you do the Twitter thing please follow me and I may be persuaded that its not a waste of time!Thank you.

Reading:- A lot of Christmas books when I finish IQ84…Robert Graves, Michael Ondaatje, Gillian Lynne…

Listening To:- The Smiths “How Soon is Now” and Kate Bush ” 50 Words For Snow”

6 responses to “Press Pause…

  1. Happy new year, another new start and lots of resolutions I think.

    Was a fantastic witchmountain present I unwrapped on Christmas day, thank you so much.

    Keep on keeping on, nobody wants you to stop what you’re doing, always a nice bit of light relief in hectic times. x

  2. Happy New Year! I am on twitter too but haven’t done a thing with it, not one bit of time for it:) I was told to give it a try maybe this New Year I will give it some real effort. Lovely photos!

  3. What a lovely blog. I adore your images and look forward to following your posts now I’ve discovered it!

    • Thank you Emma, the feeling is mutual! please share your secret…how did you manage to persuade teenagers to spend Christmas in the middle of nowhere!?

  4. Hello Kim, and all best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. You sound to be suffering from the usual post Christmas blues – we all know that feeling! Stick with us, we all love your blog and find it both hope and inspiration. I am sure your enthusiasm will return as soon as the feeling of seasonal anticlimax disappears and life returns to normal!

    Your unseasonal flowers in N. Yorks are also unseasonal in E Yorks too!! We went away for Christmas and returned to snowdrops and polyanthus in flower, the winter pansies being real show-offs, and montbresia and others poking through the cold dark soil as if it is spring already!

    Hope they all lighten your dark. God bless!

    • Thank you for your very lovely comments Lizzie. I hope all the early Spring flowers in the North don’t get a shock! x

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