The ACME Experiments Part 1.

Life has returned to “normal” today with everyone back at college and daytime solitude restored. Getting up in the dark was a shock to the system, it seems to have been the longest Christmas holiday ever, I’ve lost track of time, days of the week and all pretense of routine! Now it is time to snap out of it though and get things whipped in to shape. I visited two friends today who both inspired me in their own ways; one with tales of adventure and yoga retreats in India and the other with a box of leather off-cuts. I’ve mentioned Angela James before but today I visited her new studio in the village and came away with a box of jewel coloured off-cuts and serious studio envy!

Meanwhile, in the magnificent Witchmountain Studio I have been getting to grips with my new ACME mangle which is supported by a red wooden “A” frame that looks like it’s been pinched from a coconut shy in a fairground. Angie’s space is like a set from an interiors magazine shoot while my kitchen now resembles a pre-war hovel; casual visitors assuming I have no electricity to run a kettle or washing machine! Anyway, it works and it’s fun. Carving the designs into the lino satisfies any destructive urges I may have gained over the holidays and I’m sure it’s good for the little grey cells ( working out which bits to remove and which to keep and all in reverse).

I need to keep experimenting with the amount of ink/pressure of the rollers and type of paper but so far I’m quite pleased with the results.

Maybe one day , if I try hard enough I can produce something as beautiful as these …

Clockwise from top left :- Kay Nielsen , Angie Lewin,Kay Neilsen, Angie Lewin, Amanda Colville, Amanda Colville,Angie Lewin.


Now I really must say bye for now; I’ve been without a computer for a week after I melted the power cable ( and a mouse- a real one, but we won’t go in to that…) so I have places to visit before I switch off and return to my mangle.

Oh, I also need to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been leaving lovely comments here, subscribing to the blog and following on Facebook and Twitter; you are all very much appreciated.

6 responses to “The ACME Experiments Part 1.

  1. Hi Kim, it all looks lovely! I know what you mean about getting up in the dark, I hate it, I’m not good at mornings. Been ‘making’ my own studio space here too, luckily I have a whole room ( well I have to share it with 4 dogs) so I can’t wait to get all my stuff organised and get creative – hopefully. Hope we can catch up this year for coffee and chatting x

    • You lucky think Jayne, a whole room! I’m sick of banging my hip on the mangle handle and finding lino peelings in the butter!

  2. These are looking really nice now Kim. Really liking the off set colour separation, that type of separation always looks the best with lino printing. Can’t wait to see a halfway inverted print like the Angie Lewin one.

    • Thanks Carl, I’ve never been the best at printing but I’m loving doing these. Need a new roller though because the ink isn’t going on smoothly enough.You should d some and come up for a printing day!

  3. All the effort pays off with the results. So much more character than the digital illustrations.. I really should come up, I’ve always wanted to do lino print, but never got the chance to when working in the print rooms at Sunderland uni. I shall come up sometime when I’m from Paris next week 🙂

  4. hey hun! loving the post. I have selected you for an award, check out my latest blog post and repost. xxxx

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