Well the days are lengthening and I’m feeling optimistic, the sight of a wood full of snowdrops will tend to do that to a person.( I’m pretty superstitious though and historically whenever I’ve written here about feeling upbeat something runs up behind me and knocks me flat…fingers crossed not this time!). This weekend we explored closer to home and again had that feeling of seeing a familiar place through new eyes or from a different angle. In the woods at  Arden Hall I lay on the ground to photograph the snowdrops and could smell the hint of wild garlic still underneath the slowly warming earth.

From where I’m sitting now I can see Hawnby Hill, which we were looking at from above yesterday, they are burning the heather and the sky is that wintery yellow grey again. Blue is a colour often associated with sadness but I’m not sure why… along with those Lakeland pictures last week, these blues lift my spirits .


So, now you may well ask, why are you using such dull sludgy colours in your drawings?! Well colour is a funny thing isn’t it? Blue is one of my least favorite colours, I’ve never managed to paint a room blue without it looking damp and depressing and of course I have a life long aversion to Tory Blue!  Still, I have one page left of the Sketchbook before it gets posted away to its new home forever…

The magpie is the page I’m most pleased with at the moment so I used it on the cover too. The cover is printed on to fabric and was designed using Photoshop and a photograph of the church at Wasdale Head, as well as layers of drawing scans. I then stitched into the print and added beads, leather and antique lace pieces.

I’m really pleased with the result and as usual don’t want to part with it. The point of keeping a sketchbook is to inspire and experiment with ideas. I think I’ve been too precious with it; thinking of it as a book with a narrative that needed to look perfect and finished. Re-discovering how much I enjoyed the “design” element (by using drawing and photographs to make the cover) has meant that the Sketchbook Project has fulfilled its purpose , for me, by inspiring me to do more of this in the future.

The book, with possible addition of blue page, will be in the post by next weekend and I can’t wait to see it and all the others in London this year.

So, the entire time I’ve been writing this, my new copy of Selvedge has been unopened in its envelope, with a bulge that looks like it might be a “free gift”! I can’t resist anymore so its time to put the coffee pot on and do some reading. Just time to mention that I was accepted in to Printsy today; a group of Etsy sellers who are printmakers. I’m very excited about this which I discovered via LinocutBoy‘s blog. I was also asked recently to provide a link on here in return for some digital printing. I’m so pleased with the result ( although I rushed into it and should have planned my design more carefully) and plan to get some more done soon. The link is under Canvas Art Printing and if anyone else would be interested in becoming a sponsor of this blog just get in touch ( I can provide a link banner for example)

Have a great week and thank you for reading. x


4 responses to “Cobalt

  1. Beautiful blues and a very very clever lady x

  2. I have to ask, just what IS that blue liquid in the glass? Is it a drink, or just the washings from a paint brush? I hope it is a drink. I’d drink lots of that colour.

    • Ha! I wish I could say it is a highly alcoholic/narcotic cocktail to fuel bohemian artists at work…but no, its just paintwater.

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