Time for A Little Something…

“Two blog posts in two days! Have you nothing better to do Kim?” Well actually yes, I’ve been busy making up my new digitally printed fabric into these rather nice purse/bags and I thought I’d better do a bit of self promotion. Everybody’s at it you know.

I’m GIVING AWAY one of these to celebrate the first snowdrops and the end of January! The fabric is an “eco fabric” made from re-cycled plastic bottles, lined with up-cycled cotton shirt fabric and the leather wrist strap uses soft leather off- cuts from a bookbinding studio. So, you can carry these bags without worrying that you might be making the planet melt and the polar bears will thank you for that.

Its been snowing here this morning and I need to go to the shed for more logs now so all you have to do if you want to win one of these is leave a comment here before February 1st. If you Re-Tweet this post on Twitter or share the link on Facebook you can have an extra entry.

Reading:- Selvedge magazine  Listening To:- 6Music “The Daily Planet” by Love

47 responses to “Time for A Little Something…

  1. Lovely design. I will share this on twitter and facebook for you.

    How do you print onto fabric? Do you need a special printer/press?

    • Thanks Rachel. The fabric was printed by a company that asked me to put a link on here for them (payment for advertising really- see link for Canvas Art Printing).They have a variety of fabrics. Lots of places offer digital printing though and you can use most fabrics so long as it has been coated with a special chemical solution to make it colourfast.

  2. I love bears, share on Facebbok 🙂

  3. Thank you. Will have a look now. 🙂

  4. Ooh how nice, one lovely bear would enjoy roaming over the moors outside my house Kim xx

  5. I have been wanting to do that!!! I bought all the materials and there they sat.. you have inspired me – I am going to give it a try! They came out absolutely beautiful!

    ……… shared on fb ……..

  6. lovely and shared on both twitter and facebook

  7. They’re really beautiful, will definitely share 🙂

  8. I love reading your blogs.Very inspirational and i love that you mention your environment,the stove etc.It creates a lovely atmospere to your blog.

  9. ohh you’re soo clever 🙂 these are gorgeous, I’d love to adopt one! I’ll share all over the place x x

  10. …just so lovely!! ❤

  11. Love ’em – particularly the way the colour of the leather picks up and highlights a colour in the print.

  12. As always your work is amazing. I love reading your blog too. Sharde on facebook

  13. kim wow i love these i am going to check out the link now for the fabric printing! oh this is exciting to see your work like this:)

  14. i’m going to win!!!! nice day today, got pulled muscles from laughing! turned out nice the bottle fabric by the way and the bears look great! xxxx

  15. Love them!!

  16. Lovely! Will share on Facebook x

  17. ok yes please!
    these look gorgeous

  18. I absolutely love ALL of your work Kim. Loving the new line 🙂 Off to share the love!

  19. i love your fabric , its really unique and pretty

  20. Totally gorgeous purses! Very happy to have discovered your work.

  21. Oh, and I tweeted about it too 🙂

  22. Those are gorgeous. My son loves polar bears.
    Shared on facebook X

  23. Beautiful creature, beautiful purse! Xxx

  24. woah. polar bears are my fave! love these

  25. I’ve just discovered you, and WOW! I love your work! Your art is so beautiful and unique. I love how the recycling and upcycling works, what a great idea, I’m so impressed xx Sharing on Facebook and Twitter :o) Fingers crossed X

  26. Beautiful fabric, and beautiful bags!

  27. i love the case! your fabric is really beautiful. i’ve laready been lucky enough to win one of your giveways, so don’t include me in the draw, but i just wanted to let you know how much i like your work.

  28. Just gorgeous ….. and a lovely blog too 🙂

  29. Amy Littlehailes

    B E A utiful…as always.xx

  30. These are so beautiful, you really do make gorgeous things :0)

  31. Beautiful, I’m just getting into the whole digital printing thing myself. Lovely work. Sx

  32. I just love your designs!!!! …what a great idea of making them into purses and bags. I am a February snow baby so I guess that is why I love polar bears and your work :0) Big bear hugs Olive

  33. Love the images of polar bears, and the owls too. Will retweet if I can work out how, and share too x

  34. It’s a while since I visited your blog Kim and its undergone a real transformation. I am mightily impressed with all the work you’re doing. Beautiful and inspirational ideas and brilliant photography. I just wanted to send you love and best wishes. X David Elliott.

    • Thank you David, I hope its all good with you and the family and everything. Send me an update sometime, I really appreciate your message xx

  35. Wow I love them, your blog really is going leaps and bounds!

  36. Me am wanting a bear bag. Will you be a selling them too?

  37. Beautiful bags, just right for the time of year 🙂 We adore bears in our house, we’d love to give one a home! Sharing xx

  38. Oh please enter my name! I think they are beautiful! 🙂

  39. gorgeous work, i love it!

  40. Hi Kim …. I am DELIGHTED to have won your beautiful purse !!!!!!
    Thank you soooooo much :0)
    I feel such a lucky ducky LOL I have e mailed you my address. Thanks again Whoooo hoooooo

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