Well its been a funny old day on the mountain today,starting with a grumpy message from an Etsy group who are kicking people out for not being “active” enough.Excuse me? Isn’t it the creating that’s the point? Aren’t people’s real lives more important than forums and chatrooms? Networking and promoting are very important but its no good if you end up with nothing to promote because the studio has been forsaken for the “office”.

Ok, I’m feeling argumentative but I’ll snap out of it; because I know you only really want to know if you’ve won a polar bear bag! Well, I’m writing this at 11.30 pm so I won’t be picking a winner until I get to the end of the page but I would like to thank you all for entering and I wish I could send one to everybody who left a comment; it really does mean a lot you know.

Today I’ve celebrated the first of February ( Imbolc) by eating alot of chocolate cake with red sugar sprinkle icing and running ( yes running)  to the postbox with booking forms and birthday cards. It is said that if the weather is fine and sunny on Imbolc ,the Cailleach can gather her firewood and therefore intends to make winter last longer! Its been a clear and frosty day here so I’m glad the logman came last week. I also listed some of my little khadi paper prints on Etsy today and searched the hedgerows for bird’s nests . I have become sightly obsessed with the imagery of abandoned nests in winter trees…

Now I’d like to congratulate OLIVE whose name I have just picked from a pink cereal bowl. Your polar bear will be on his way to you just as soon as you message me with your address. If you missed out you may like to know that they will be in the shop later in the week.

Thank you again. I’m off to bed now, I have an appointment with Haruki Murakami and an electric blanket!


13 responses to “Cailleach

  1. Woopie! and Congrats Olive

  2. Hi Kim, I am really enjoying your blog and your work is beautiful and wistful, is that a word ? Well. I might have made it up but its in a good way.
    Noah’s boots and felt are will winging their way over to Dubai on Sunday via the grandparents. Oops just remembered I haven’t done a card yet. Have a good day Kim.
    Love Lynn and your Lancashire admirers xx

  3. I don’t claim to understand much of that, but it was pretty and I enjoyed it anyway.

  4. I just received my mini book and it is beautiful and gorgeous. I am going to use it for very small secrets…………thank you so much!! Keep creating, keep writing and keep going, you are an inspiration ❤ x x x

  5. Thank you Kat :0) I am so delighted to have won the bear bag that I am like a cat with two tails LOL
    Big bear hugs

  6. you always make me laugh, as we would say here”Who are these people?!”(I am talking about the etsy group to funny and ridiculous:) Congrats to Olive. I was so happy to find out we share the same age how special is that!

    • Hmmm, that Etsy group and their attitude are still making me mad. I won’t name them though…I just removed all the links to them on here in an act of grumpy revenge! Yup, we share an initial and a grand age…I hope we can share a cup of tea and cake one day. x

  7. Hi Kim
    I posted a message on your blog the day i got your e mail saying i had won the bag,as i was bouncing off the walls with happiness …..but I don’t know what happened to it as it didn’t show up on your blog page :0( I am not too great with computer stuff so I probably did something wrong. Lord only knows where it ended up. Anyway I didn’t want you and all the other people who enterd to think that i wasn’t greatful for winning such a wonderful prize !!!
    I will be waiting to pounce on the postman when it arrives LOL Thanks again …..big bear hugs Olive

  8. Hi Olive, Don’t worry, I leave comments all over the place and then forget where I’ve put them! I’m sure I’ve seen that message somewhere though and I really hope you are pleased with your prize. It might even arrive today…the lovely post woman took it yesterday :0) x

  9. OMG !!!!!! It just arrived !!! I LOVE it !!!!! It is even more beautiful than the photo’s. Thank you also for the lucky coin in the bag… that is something my mother always did and the sprigs of lavender are such a nice touch too.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart :0) Big bear hugs Olive.

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