“We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden…” or Life Outside The Window

I woke up this morning and peered with bleary eyes at my phone screen thinking, “that’s funny Millican must have taken a picture from the exact same spot as me” before realising that it WAS my photograph and that they had included several of my Lakeland shots in their lovely blog. I’m very flattered, especially as “Dave the Rucksack” is an essential part of my adventures.

So I leapt out of bed in a good mood; improved further by the glorious frosty sunshine and the prospect of a new commission to begin, as well as more polar bear bags to make. I forced myself to turn my back to the window, like the Lady of Shallot, and get down to work…

Working from home is such a luxury…endless supplies of coffee, the ability to spend much of the day in pyjamas ,or wearing a giraffe-antler hairband, the freedom to shout at, or sing along with, the radio; and of course I am very lucky to live and work where I do- a little piece of heaven.

So, I turned my back on the sunny outdoors…for a while.The entire time I was being watched ,by a pair of accusing eyes, they told me to make the most of the beautiful day, sewing can wait until dark and ,more to the point, the lonely chicken and enormous cat were going to eat each other if I didn’t provide something else.

So, there is a downside to working from home, the fact that it is almost impossible to concentrate for long periods of time without getting distracted by the washing up, the stove refusing to light, the conversations on Facebook and ultimately the view through the window of a hill that needs climbing.I laced up my boots and raced to the top of Hawnby Hill ; do you blame me?

It really is time to get on with things now ,so I will leave you with a little bragging about my baby brother. York sent me a copy, yesterday, of the new Delux Edition of Peter Gabriel’s “New Blood” which he took all the pictures for.I’ve really enjoyed listening to it today ( and showing off to anyone who’ll look/listen!) .

Oh, I also had a mention on Lynn Holland’s blog today, after she bought some of my baby shoes for her nephew, so all in all, its been a lovely day.I hope yours was too. x

4 responses to ““We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden…” or Life Outside The Window

  1. Kim you are brilliant! I was worrying about my propensity to grab any hair band when my fringe gets annoying, and I wear a furry white and pink rabbit eared one…………I sometimes forget I am wearing it, so I do hope you didn’t rush up the hill in your antlers! As my neighbours definitely looked askance at me when I put the bins out wearing my rabbit ears……….gorgeous snowdrop and lace photo as well.

  2. Thank you Janet. I blame the Whitby air for our eccentricities in later life! x

  3. Thank you for such a wonderful entry, Kim! Lovely photos (I could see a Witchmountain calendar in the making, but how to limit the photos to just twelve?) and a really special sense of a special happy day – yes, they do even happen in February!
    I know what you mean about working from home. I’ve done it since my daughter was a baby, and people’s responses are interesting when you say you work from home. Mostly comments are of the ‘it must be great to be able to make a cuppa whenever you want’ instead of ‘and you start writing at WHAT time in the morning?’
    However, anything is better than a commute!
    Lovely blog! I follow with delight. Thank you!

  4. Oh, thank you Lizzie, you’re very kind. I agree, people often don’t understand. I’m most definitely not a morning person but am usually still working late at night.The solitude also has its pros and cons, which is partly why its so lovely to hear from people via the blog or Facebook etc. So , thank you again! x

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