” In a little woollen box..On the peg of a small cloud…”

It always feels a bit like waking from a dream, when the snow melts and I have no excuse left for avoiding a trip in to “civilization”. Today I dashed out to post Etsy orders and buy some essential supplies (an assortment of coloured zips, some beer, some coffee and some avocado pears) before beating a hasty retreat from the half term madness back to my kitchen table where a large mug of coffee and a mountain of biscuits will sustain me as I write ( the biscuit recipe is from Daisy Cupcakes where Alison bakes the most gorgeous cakes you have ever seen).

Anyway my weekend was made perfect-despite the evil cold I was given as a present last week- by some fantastic atmospheric radio. I don’t think they could have imagined a more perfect audience for “Company of Wolves” than me in my isolated cottage, surrounded by snow and ice,embroidering a baby shoe and contemplating love, past and present. I was spell bound from the first lonely howl of the wolves and was considering bolting the door if it weren’t for the fact that I was waiting for Rupert to return from his climbing trip in Spain.These days I suppose I’m more likely to play the part of the granny who gets eaten up by the werewolf rather than the girl who tames him into submission, sleeping “sweet and sound between the paws of the tender wolf ” .

Clockwise from top left :- Ed Boxall, Julia Manning,Peter Gabriel”Ovo” album cover by Nils-Udo, Etsy blog, Birdsnest Stadium,Beijing by Herzog&de Meuron, Empty nest in apple tree.

This weekend I also started putting together some moodboards for inspiration. Always a favorite task at college, it is a wonderful way of gathering ideas for a creative project and ,as I said last week , I’ve been looking at empty nests in the bare winter branches and  thinking about the concept of nest building.It was lovely to discover the work of Ed Boxall whose beautiful lino cuts “Big Prints About Being Alone” have made me desperate to get lino printing again. At the same time I was painstakingly putting my collection of images together I was reminded about Pinterest and now have yet another online profile to maintain …only this one is for me myself, to feast my eyes upon a world of visual gorgeousness and I shan’t feel at all sad or lonely if nobody wants to  join me!

So, the icicles may have turned to puddles and the snow has been replaced by mud but I managed to get some good pictures of my latest creations while it lasted, perfectly wintery and in fact so cold that the cushions and purses were freezing to the table while I wrestled with my camera and crampons on the treacherous ground!

So now I have to leave you because I’m working on another bear cushion and I’m dying to rinse out the cyanotype fabric that’s been developing on the windowsill all day. I’m sure it must be time for another coffee too.By the way, if you forgot to go to the shops for a Valentine card (although hand made is ALWAYS best) I’ve put some of my old card designs on a page entitled Free Things, so all you have to do is print one off (or all three if you have a hectic love life) and maybe add a few extra buttons or sparkle to make it your own. There, don’t say I never give you anything!

I will be taking all my new creations to this Vintage Fair in March and I’m really looking forward to it as a few very good friends will be there too. It would be great to see some of you there…


One response to “” In a little woollen box..On the peg of a small cloud…”

  1. Must have picked up your vibes for Pinterest as I went back to mine this week. Thanks for the reminder about mood boards you are so right Kim they were useful at college and I loved doing them, think I will have a tinker with one myself. Enjoy your half term
    Lynn x x x
    Ps not heard anything from Dubai and Noah yet, the family is still there visiting x

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