A New Broom…

This weekend was one of thinking, planning and evaluating. My lovely daughter turned 20 on Sunday and it was important for me to think about where I was and how I got here ( * bursts into a rendition of “Once in a Lifetime” by Talking Heads) . Its such a cliché to keep going on about how time flies but when your children reach an age that you actually still feel , despite the wrinkles, it obviously prompts a bit of soul searching, not to mention panic,…just when will I feel “grown up” ? Here she is…

…and yes it seems like yesterday!

So,part of my “thinking and planning” has resulted in me booking a business mentoring session with the lovely Vicky Trainor  as I intend to get my besum broom out and give Witchmountain a good shake up and spring clean. Already, doing my homework in a brand new sketchbook, I have started to feel a lot more focused.It really does help to write things down and I do love making books.

As part of my homework I was asked to come up with 10 words to describe Witchmountain… I wondered if it might not be more useful to ask you, dear readers? I would be most grateful and to thank you for you valued opinions I will offer one of my little prints as a bribe…I mean prize…to the writer of a comment chosen at random (be honest though, you don’t have to use 10 words and they don’t even have to be nice words… no x rated ones though please!Just think about how you would describe this blog or my work to a stranger) I’ll pick a winner on March 1st.

Well, I think it’s time for a bit more cutting and sticking and market researching and I also have a batch of biscuit dough ready to bake so its time to dive back into the real world. I’ve spent most of the day finishing a lot of purses ready for the Vintage Fair in March, listening to Poirot on the radio and daydreaming about Bernina sewing machines!

These purses are made using vintage materials including some gorgeous green floral fabric that was my grandma’s,beautiful cotton lace and my own printed wool. I found the wonderful , half finished linen table cloth in Oxfam at the weekend. I love it and want to use it in my work…but will the blue print wash out? Have a great week where ever you are.

Reading : “The Cat’s Table” Michael Ondaatje  Listening To: “Odelay” Beck, “Leaders of the Free World” Elbow and ” Letter to Hermione” David Bowie.


12 responses to “A New Broom…

  1. Your daughter was a real cutie as a baby, hope she is as cute now. Xxx

  2. Here’s a few words that spring to mind Kim………
    For your blog ……Escapism, dreamy, informative, inspiring, interesting, friendly
    For your work …… desirable, inspiring, handcrafted, professional, unique

  3. 10 words: expressive, inspired, sustainable, expansive, introspective, insightful, accessible, harmonic, joie de vivre (yes, i know this is technically 3 words, but I care not) and unique.

  4. i think your work is inspirational, dream like, caring, imaginative, naturalistic, and very lovely.

  5. My 10 words Enchanting, Bear, Unique, Beautiful, Contemplation, Eco friendly, Handmade, Loved, Stylish, Bespoke. xx

  6. Evocative,childlike,ethereal,layered,well crafted work

  7. Thank you all so much …I’m flattered and your comments are very useful. xxx

  8. Joy – that I know someone who produces such beautiful pieces
    envy – that you have such a creative spirit and I have to follow patterns…
    simplicity – you seem to distil your ideas down to simple beautiful images
    gracefulness in images created
    natural – as your choice of subject is often something from nature from a flower to a stone to a shell to your bear
    freedom of spirit –
    evocative – of a time and a place when the world was small and safe (i’d be about 6)
    touchable – i just want to run my fingers over the patterns/images/fabric
    principled – you have kept your principles in tact for as long as I have known you -receycled;ecologically sound

    • Oh, Rachel your words brought a lump to my throat, thank you so much. Anyway, I’m envious of your ability to follow a pattern, I still could never make the lovely clothes you used to make, my style is more one of bodging together and hoping for the best! X x x

  9. Love how chubby Sara was as a baby, both mine were huge babies!!
    Some words about your work:
    Green ( in the eco way)

    hope this helps, you sound pro active, that’s what I should be, but am not!!

  10. ohhh kim where to start. yesterday i was in a thiftstore and saw two polar bears and thought of you!
    heirlooms-items that would never be given away, passed down instead
    sacred- the polar bears feel old and wise to me
    skillful- your techniques are flawless
    soft and sensuous-yes that is how i think of you fabric choices:)
    open- connected to the outdoors
    cozy- a homey feel comes across strongly
    unique- yes your creations are one of a kind!
    kim’s blue-that deep blue you use that fills the sky and ocean i love this blue, i think of you when i see it.
    rich texture- you know how to do this
    playful- i find a youthful lightness to your stuff
    wise and timeless- you have a gift for making your pieces timeless
    I so get it on the children and age.

  11. Just found your facebook page and blog, and wow!!!!! 10 words from me
    envy (I cannot draw/paint)
    I feel a purchase coming on 🙂 x

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