Artistic Licence

The sun is streaming through the kitchen windows ( highlighting the fact that they need cleaning) and on the sill my blue coffee pot is full of the first daffodils and willow catkins of Spring. The moment between seasons has always excited and unsettled me ; as Winter deposits me,slightly dazed from semi hibernation, on the doorstep of Spring  it feels like a clunky old machine has shuddered into life,rusty cogs and levers setting in motion another trip around the sun.

Well, enough introspection. last week my dad gave me this very beautiful engraving, which he had originally bought for his parents on an art school trip,in minute letters ( honestly the artist’s eyesight must have been incredible)  it says “Borrowdale from the Bowder Stone“(actually looking closely I now realise it says “Burrowdale”).This weekend we went in search of the viewpoint from which it was drawn but could see only this…

A terrifying ladder lead to stone polished like glass where I sat, (I could not stand!) and took this picture. It shows Nitting Haws and no lake or river, so we decided it must be a composite landscape, invented by the artist. The rest of the day was not the best for photographs, flat ,milky skies and fine, misty drizzle ;but nothing can ever really spoil the beauty of it all, not even the second hand pair of boots that began to feel like wooden clogs and a biting wind on the summit of High Spy that meant people were fighting for shelter on the leeward side of the summit cairn.We huddled behind a rock overlooking beautiful Borrowdale and shared a pasty and a “brick” of flapjack from the market in Keswick.

Lately I find myself hankering after a good camera, after seeing some of the pictures taken by a school friend of my son. Jake has been experimenting with HDR photography and getting some really good results, partly inspired by Joe Burn and his amazing shots of VW camper vans and local landscapes;at the risk of sounding massively patronizing, its so good to see young people with creative talent.

So now it is time to fire up the coffee pot and start up a production line ,as I realise I don’t have long before the Baron’s Vintage Fair on the 11th of March. I’ve been getting in the mood by washing all my precious antique lace and styling this mini photoshoot to show off the newest bear cushion- this one features Ursa Major and some lovely blue cyanotype. The photograph is a collection of family heirlooms…the blanket made for my parents wedding by my Great Grandma, my mum’s copy of Alice in Wonderland and my daughter’s teddy wearing a jumper I made for her while I was pregnant!I hope these cushions will become somebody’s precious heirlooms one day.

Have a lovely week every one, and don’t forget the competition on the previous post ends on March 1st;  your comments have been really useful so far, thank you.

Reading:”Goodbye to all That” Robert Graves   Listening To: Spring birdsong and something in the washing machine that shouldn’t be there……

2 responses to “Artistic Licence

  1. Nope, doesn’t look like any view I’ve had from the Bowder Stone either! Lovely photos though – the last one is so charming!

  2. Thanks Ailsa, that bear was very un co-operative though and had to be bribed to keep still! The identity of the mountain is a mystery then…

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