Hearts and Flowers

Good morning, I picked you some flowers to celebrate March. They seem to be a bit blurry but that will give you a bit of an insight into how the world looks through my eyes! Its been a beautiful start to the month, with the curlews returning right on cue ( well slightly confused by the leap year since they arrived on the 29th).This is probably one of my favorite moments of the year and usually coincides with me wrestling the willow house back under control. I just love the sound they make , so ancient and evocative.

So warm spring days have given me a little boost of energy and I’ve been setting up a production line of small treasures to take to the market next week. When I say production line…don’t get the idea that these are mass produced, in fact I’m thinking of writing a post showing all the different processes involved from start to finish. Bearing in mind that I had already designed and printed the backing and header card and drawn the flowers so, excluding that time consuming  computer part, it took me most of the day to finish and package only six. I was still sewing at 11pm and yet again agonising over the dreaded pricing dilemma. I know there are formulas to work this out by including time+materials etc. but its not always that simple and ultimately all depends on what people will actually pay. I’ll be testing this out at the Vintage market and then I’m looking forward to my mentoring session with Vicky Trainor ; on which note……

You’ll be wanting to know if you won the print? Well firstly I’d like to thank you for all the lovely and thoughtful comments, they certainly gave me an insight into how Witchmountain appears to others. Its the hardest thing to be objective about ones own work but equally hard to get honest feedback.Ok so I might have been devastated but I almost wish there’d been a few more negatives so that I knew what to change! So, the winner is….Trish. Thank you and Congratulations, send me your address and I’ll post your print on Monday.

Now I have to make coffee and luckily I made a big batch of spice biscuits yesterday so I feel a bit of virtual traveling coming on while I stitch bear hairslides . Here are some places I’m going to visit…kt40s blog, More Design Please, A Beautiful Mess and YelenaBryksenkova.

Listening to:-the Stationary Cupboard on Radio 4. I LOVE stationary! Ever since I was small and used to spend all my pocket money on novelty pencils and scented erasers in “Fielders” bookshop on Wimbledon Hill!

2 responses to “Hearts and Flowers

  1. congrats to Trish! kim i thought this was such a brilliant idea to get the feedback for your shop i loved reading what others wrote. These new little treasures you are making are very sweet.

  2. Thank you so much Kim, I am stunned as I never win anything 🙂

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