Whatever Happened To The Masterplan?

Hard to believe that last Sunday it was snowing. Today I have been looking at the little signs of spring in the garden, planting some shallots and spinach and my gift to myself , three white Dicentra spectabilis plants …the Bleeding Heart plant.I do love this time of year; the first signs of old favorite perennials emerging through the soil, the hamster soft catkins on the willows, the sweet musky scent of the balsams which I breath in from their sticky buds so that the smells stays on my nose. I do not like the fact that there was a wasp in my room this morning, filling me with an irrational fear that goes beyond being stung.

Today I also went to an interview for a waitressing job…..this wasn’t part of the masterplan.

I pondered the protocol; do I write about this at the risk of sounding like a bleeding heart, or do I maintain the myth in order to remain “professional”? Well, I started this blog at college and it while it has evolved over the years I do feel the need to record my experiences honestly, just in case anyone else on a similar path might find it useful. One thing I realised ,just now in fact (!), was that in reality I had no plan post graduation. I’d written essays about becoming a designer/maker or working freelance but never really considered what I would make,how I would sell it and how much of it I’d have to sell to avoid getting the electric cut off and living on lentils. In fact, I think , in hindsight, the weakest part of the whole college experience was the professional practice side which should perhaps have forced us to be a bit harder on ourselves and more realistic.If there are any students still reading this…make a plan, and then a back-up plan!

Hey, its not all doom and gloom. I had a wonderfully enjoyable day at Baron Bizarre’s Vintage Fair where the sun shone and the beautiful people ( quite literally; I don’t think I’ve ever been at an event with quite so many pretty boys and leggy girls!) all came out to marvel at the burlesque dancers while a peacock strutted about on the lawns and I caught up with some old friends ( and hopefully made some new ones). It was especially lovely to have a table next to my very special friend Susie of Drawn by Badgers who had made all the bunting for the event and creates the most gorgeous needle felted animals and precious framed works of art. Susie is an amazing person and I think you should all go and say hello …

So, today I listed a lot of things in my Etsy shop and dashed to the post office with orders to post. These new brooches made with my bird design printed on to cotton have made me keen to do some more digital printing and definitely some new drawing.Tomorrow I have my mentoring meeting with Vicky which I’m really looking forward to and as usual I’m bursting with ideas and dreams…its just figuring out a way to make them real.

Listening to:- Boy & Bear “Lordy May” ( because the battery went on the radio last night at just the wrong moment ) Reading :- The new issue of Selvedge and What Katy Did Next who kindly included my lavender heart in her latest mood board. Thanks Katy x

7 responses to “Whatever Happened To The Masterplan?

  1. Keep going Kim because you are so lovely, I am going Dicentra spectabilis hunting this weekend, I need more as I love them so!

  2. I will Jane, thank you. Dicentras are beautiful aren’t they. I hope the slugs don’t eat mine xxx

  3. I’m glad you wrote about a plan for when the studying stops because it’s all true what you say, they do not prepare you for the big wide world and that’s not good for people who are just starting out with high hopes.
    Also I would like to thank you for your honesty in telling us Kim, it lets people know that they are not the only ones.
    Good luck with everything that you are doing.
    Lynn x

  4. Friendly wave because we are also listening to Boy and Bear and reading Selvedge.
    A time ago when I was working as a waiter to make ends meet someone wise told me it was all about identity – I was an artist working as a waiter not a waiter full stop. But hey, what do I know? Loving the blog by the way.

    • What a co-incidence! As it turns out I don’t think I got the job…I’m looking forward to going back to the Walled Garden in Helmsley soon though…but one day I WILL be an artist not a waitress ( as the rings my children bought me say) x

  5. as always kim I smile and cheer for you as I read your blog. My restaurant job let me hang-up all my art work on their walls this last month, artist/dishwasher/cook/ 🙂
    I am excited about your plans in your latest post.

    • Hey that’s great Katy, it must be a very lovely restaurant with your gorgeous work on the walls! Dreams eh? I hope they come true…for all of us; so we can throw away the dish mops and exchange them for paintbrushes! xxx

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